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Opinion Columns

09/07/11 12:46am
Today’s average college student was between the ages of eight and 11 on Sept. 11, 2001. We were old enough to know there was a problem, to feel that something had been lost, to watch the events unfold on the news.
09/07/11 12:43am
Columnist Brian Goldman argues that the term ‘9/11 generation,’ invoked by the national press, is a bit misleading and even confining.
06/23/11 4:39am

Wiktoria Parysek | Uncovering the world of internationals

"Home" students have a lot they should learn about international students.
06/16/11 3:06am

Alec Webley | Trusting Penn’s Trustees

The Penn Board of Trustees needs to be more transparent with how it makes it decisions.
06/02/11 2:55am

Brian Goldman | Spread the (research) wealth

Gutmann can achieve her dream of "[making] our nation stronger, and our future brighter," by focusing on what Penn can do, not legislation.
05/26/11 2:47am

Sara Brenes-Akerman | Interning is an alternative

I thought that getting my dream internship was all-important, but now I realize an internship is an alternative summer plan, rather than the summer plan.
05/13/11 12:23am

Farewell Column by Jessica Riegel | Stop chasing perfection

We’ve finally learned to manage our lives here, and we have to move on. Do I know how to manage, motivate and challenge myself in new contexts?
05/13/11 12:17am

Farewell Column by Alec Webley | Dear Penn

We have to break up. It’s not you; it’s me — you know the drill. We both have to move on. Like any relationship, ours contained its good and its bad.
05/13/11 12:12am

Farewell Column by Dana Vogel | My many experiences

My experience at Penn has not been typical, and nearly each semester has felt like an entire college experience in itself.
05/13/11 12:03am

Farewell Column by Emily Schultheis | Change we can believe in

When I look back at the timid 18-year-old who showed up on campus four years ago, I realized that my time at Penn has been full of change.
05/12/11 11:57pm

Farewell Column by Thomas Jansen | Graduation: Is that a thing?

We should cherish our fleeting feelings of universal participation. The chances that we’ll have another uniting experience like Spring Fling are slim to none.
05/12/11 11:52pm

Farewell Column by Naomi Jagoda | Jumping off cliffs

The most gratifying experiences I had in college involved jumping off metaphorical cliffs. They were terrifying but also immensely rewarding.
05/12/11 11:39pm

Farewell Column by Rachel Baye | Why can’t we be enemies?

Not all enemies are Sue Sylvester or Darth Vader. Not all enemies are even people.
05/02/11 7:09am

Say Anything | Ding, dong, the witch is dead

Maybe some day we'll tell our kids what terrorism was, not what it is.
05/02/11 6:20am

Duly Noted | Patriotism without party

I hope the unifying power of bin Laden's death will mark a new era for the nation’s political culture.
04/28/11 12:00am

Farewell Column by Sarah Beth McKay | Finally ready to leave a place like no other

Former '34th Street' Editor-in-Chief Sarah Beth McKay writes a farewell column about what makes this University unique.
04/27/11 11:49pm

Farewell Column by Luke Hassall | My advice to you: Disregard others’ advice

Former columnist Luke Hassall writes a farewell column advising students not to listen to other people's advice — except for his, that is.
04/27/11 11:38pm

Farewell Column by Jessica Goldstein | It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

Former columnist Jessica Goldstein writes a farewell column reminiscing about her first tour of Penn and how she immediately liked the school.
04/27/11 11:23pm

Farewell Column by Pete Lodato | Worth a thousand words

In his farewell column, former Sports Photo Editor Pete Lodato writes about the unique perspective of Penn he's gotten from behind the lens.
04/27/11 11:17pm

Farewell Column by Evan Medina | It gets better

In his farewell column, former columnist Evan Medina refuses to believe that his life has officially peaked at the ripe old age of 22.