Opinion Columns

02/23/10 10:56am

In Case You Missed Me | No credit where it’s not due

The Credit CARD Act limits free choice without effectively preventing the companies from taking advantage of students.
02/22/10 10:17am

That's What Schwenk Said | My graduation speaker wish list

Here are my picks for inspiring, albeit maybe alternative, choices for the Commencement speaker.
02/22/10 10:13am

Wright-ing On The Wall | Skip this education program

Allowing 10th graders to test out of their final two years of high school and instead attend community college may do more harm than good.
02/19/10 11:05am

Rea-lity Check | A new vision for libraries

The key for university libraries is balance between digital and print information. But perhaps in the future, this balance should be reconsidered.
02/19/10 10:57am

Russell-ing the Leaves | Penn’s place and space: by the numbers

When we make decisions, we should think about the costs and benefits of how our actions impact our greater environment.
02/18/10 10:01am

A Dennie For Your Thoughts | ‘Ask’ questions. ‘Tell’ your thoughts

When a student feels he or she cannot discuss an issue dominating the national political dialogue, something has gone wrong.
02/18/10 9:49am

Penn vs Sword | Smarter sex education

The debate over moral values shouldn’t dominate how we develop effective sex-ed programs.
02/17/10 9:51am

Political Penndit | Make the American DREAM a reality

The DREAM Act has been defeated before and has taken a back seat in President Barack Obama's agenda. But it shouldn't wait.
02/17/10 9:47am

Ash Wednesday | It's hard out here for a painter

An art store could add a lot to the University City community by becoming a hub that this area is severely lacking.
02/16/10 9:38am

Roberts Rules | The buzz about internet privacy

Social-networking services need to be more vigilant about who can view their users’ personal information.
02/15/10 10:58am

Slip of the Chung | Feminism without extremity

If our culture is mired in the negative perception of feminists as radicals, then more extremity may not be what feminism needs.
02/12/10 6:24am

Scientifically Blonde | Much ado about medical marijuana

I’m not saying don’t support medicinal marijuana, I’m just saying do so based on fact.
02/12/10 6:19am

Say Anything | (Always) on the edge of 17

The Catcher in the Rye has a hold on us — adults included — even though it seems on the surface to be a book for and about teenagers.
02/11/10 9:22am

Penn vs Sword | Savor the snow day

Hold onto these snow days, and use them to reconnect with the kid inside you.
02/10/10 8:30am

Political Penndit | Vote with wallets, not with treasuries

The Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission has repercussions on our electoral system.
02/09/10 10:42am

Bieler's Day Off | An honest chance to question politicians

Everyone deserves an honest chance to question their politicians, even if those questions are about when we can light up.
02/09/10 10:34am

In Case You Missed Me | Writer, friend, feminist

The Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women is asking, “What does a feminist look like?” I have learned there’s no single answer.
02/08/10 9:00am

That's What Schwenk Said | A plan not to be taken for Grant-ed

I’m thrilled about Obama’s desire to expand the Pell Grant program for college students. It’s about damn time.
02/08/10 8:57am

Wright-ing On The Wall | Advice for improving advice

I’m not calling for a radical “No Freshman Left Behind” reform to first-year advising, but the system could use some improvements.
02/05/10 10:47am

Rea-lity Check | The trick to fixing schools

Universities can play a role in improving K-12 instruction, whether by supporting schools in the community, as Penn does, or producing graduates who will affect the education system.