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Opinion Columns

01/23/12 1:20am
With the recent closing of Fine Wine & Good Spirits on 41st and Market streets, our campus has reverted to its Prohibition-era existence.
01/23/12 1:15am
In the U.S., race is a trick question. I don’t know what the solution is, but I do know that our current system isn’t working. If Hispanics hope to gain the political influence to correspond with their growing population, we need to be counted as something distinct.
01/20/12 12:24am
We Penn students pride ourselves on how green we think we are, but — in actuality — our efforts are not as effective as we all assume.
01/20/12 12:19am
If the Stop Online Privacy Act passed and went into effect, I think I would miss Kanye West’s tweets the most.
01/19/12 2:19am
If these videos exclusively targeted one particular group or gender, I would have questioned their humor. But as it turns out, just about everyone says that are worth making fun of.
01/18/12 12:41am
Last semester, at the annual State of the School event hosted at the Penn Museum, the problem of fiscal abuse by those in charge of our funds reared its ugly head at Penn.
01/18/12 12:32am
The problem doesn’t stop with porn. As early as next year, web addresses can read something.anything. Imagine, or DP.newspaper.
01/13/12 12:44am
Certain crimes merit punishment with no second chances. But what Stephen Glass killed was journalism’s code of ethics: a set of principles, not a body or a mind.
01/13/12 12:35am
So here is a toast to not conforming. To anyone who is striving to look at the bigger picture rather than just zoom in on the colors, thank you.
01/11/12 11:47pm
If you use prescription drugs incorrectly, you are drug user. There are no two ways about it.
01/11/12 11:42pm
Costa Rica’s status as a tourist’s paradise has made it a divided country — one that leads a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of existence.
12/09/11 2:31am
Diversity is multi-dimensional, and we overlook the fact that it encompasses all aspects of our lives, including our religion, socioeconomic status, intelligence, hobbies and interests.
12/09/11 2:23am
The justification for exploiting a woman’s body in order to raise money for charity is perhaps one of the most socially counterproductive things that I have ever heard in my life.
12/08/11 12:53am
Mojo is a hard thing to define but easy to recognize. You either have it or you don’t. And I did not.
12/08/11 12:39am
Since the Centers for Disease Control are clearly neglecting their duties regarding the pandemic of haters, it falls to me to put out this public service announcement.
12/06/11 11:42pm
Often in staking out our own identities, we inadvertently reinforce barriers or create new ones.
12/06/11 11:34pm
Many magazines manipulate images without telling their readers. A group of researchers at Dartmouth College may have solved this problem by discovering a way to determine how extensively a digital photo has been edited.
12/06/11 1:13am
Would Herman Cain’s fondness of extra-marital affairs really affect his ability to make decisions and craft policy?
12/05/11 12:53am
Two sexual abuse incidents at Penn and Penn State have given us a window into the world of institutional doublethink.
12/05/11 12:46am
With the limited job options and the seemingly limited desire to create new ones, I have to wonder if we, too, are all a lost generation.