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Opinion Columns

02/12/21 11:42am
After months of changed plans and doubts raised, Penn stands on the precipice of a major campus COVID-19 outbreak. But instead of blaming the students, the University must hold itself accountable for changing standards and implementing half-baked policies that were supposed to keep our campus safe.
02/12/21 11:39am
Written decades ago, "Native Son" by Richard Wright stands, unfortunately, as a largely-accurate picture of the systemic racism in America today. This Black History Month, consider it a must-read.
02/12/21 11:35am
The quick rise and fall of GameStop's stock was largely driven by small investors looking to turn a quick profit. But young investors must be wary of such schemes and treat online investments with care.
02/11/21 9:18am
This Friday marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year, an important annual celebration in many Asian cultures. However, it denies the diversity of these cultures if all of these celebrations are called the Chinese New Year.
02/11/21 9:11am
Penn canceled COVID-19 testing last Monday and Tuesday, followed just days later with news of spiking case counts. Had the tests not been canceled, it is likely an outbreak could have been avoided.
02/08/21 1:29pm
Penn's COVID-19 mitigation policies are driving students away from campus to avoid breaking regulations. One step Penn should take to keep students in line is reopening limited indoor dining.
02/07/21 3:06pm
Political activism doesn't require voting — being involved in the other parts of activism is just as important.
02/05/21 11:42am
Penn's campus guidelines for COVID-19 mitigation, while well-intentioned, are not the most practical and likely won't have the impact they're intended to have.
02/04/21 2:00pm
Penn's student body is largely made up of outgoing students, so no one should be surprised that Penn's mitigation efforts seem to have little effect on some members of the community.
02/04/21 10:55am
The Trump family has deep ties to the University. It is time Penn acknowledge this and hold them accountable for their term in the White House.
01/29/21 10:51am
With many first years now back on campus, it's up to us to be mature and follow covid guidelines, or else endanger our surrounding communities and classes.
01/29/21 10:44am
Biden's long history of bipartisanship was touted as a virtue on the campaign trail. Wether or not it will actually serve the United States well is not a cut-and-dry decision.
01/28/21 2:34pm
Trump's ban from Twitter brought elation to many of Penn's left-leaning advocacy group. But with the precedent the ban sets, they may actually be celebrating on unstable ground.
01/27/21 12:03pm
Little has changed since the pandemic began, so why are Penn's deans trying to shift the culture of the pass/fail option which gives students the flexibility to avoid pandemic-induced educational disruptions?
01/21/21 10:01am
Penn's greek life community has the responsibility to set the tone for COVID-19 mitigation on campus.
01/20/21 7:22pm
As college students return to campus, it may appear that young America is "over" the COVID-19 pandemic. While this shouldn't come at a surprise, it does make it more likely that long-term goals of society will be prolonged for short-term gain.
01/20/21 4:12pm
Penn was one of the few universities to keep the pass/fail grading option for the spring 2021 semester, a step in the right direction for grading equity and accessibility during the pandemic.
01/19/21 10:49pm
While the students on-campus may be the subject of the headlines, there is still a substantial number of students who will be learning from home, for health, personal, or other reasons. They, too, must be factored in as the semester progresses.
01/14/21 12:17am
Schuyler’s interpretation of free speech, which skirts culpability through an allegiance to the Constitution, is in fact representative of a broad issue that we currently face with political dialogue: a distorted view of free speech.