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Opinion Columns

01/27/24 2:07pm
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi concludes that while Greek life has its flaws, it provides a unique benefit to Penn culture as the last independent organizations on campus.
01/25/24 6:00am
Columnist Izzy Feinfeld argues that the Penn community should focus its efforts on building bridges between students, faculty, and staff rather than its donor base.  
01/24/24 8:22pm
Columnist Akiva Berkowitz argues for a better system to point students to the many fun experiences on campus.
01/22/24 11:09pm
Columnist Mia Vesely discusses her experience in the rush process at Penn and why it wasn’t for her.
12/10/23 11:23pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian's Opinion department and Editorial Board weigh in with their thoughts on the resignations of Liz Magill and Scott Bok. 
12/10/23 11:21pm
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi surmises that Penn’s problems can be aided by a commitment to transparency and widespread open expression with our new president.
12/10/23 11:19pm
Columnist Mritika Senthil urges the Penn community to reexamine institutional priorities after Liz Magill and Scott Bok’s resignations, describing how challenges in transforming campus culture at large have little to do with the former administration. 
12/10/23 9:56pm
Columnist Jack Lakis explains how students can restore their peace of mind in light of the recent leadership crisis at Penn.
12/10/23 9:52pm
Columnist Spencer Gibbs guides future alumni for how they, too, can fire their Ivy League presidents. 
12/10/23 6:37pm
Columnist Mia Vesely questions the resignation of President Magill and what it means for free speech on campus. 
12/10/23 6:29pm
Columnist Eric Najera discusses why Penn deserves to have an alumnus as president.  
12/09/23 4:06pm
President of The Daily Pennsylvanian Jesse Zhang calls on the Penn community to actively stay engaged with the news cycle, and to continue learning and adapting through our conversations.
12/08/23 7:54pm
Columnist Liala Sofi argues that effective altruism-driven philanthropy has the power to exacerbate societal imbalances.
12/07/23 10:39pm
Columnist Riane Lumer responds to arguments to eliminate testing accommodations by advocating for their purpose and denouncing stigma.
12/07/23 9:10pm
Guest Columnist Khadijetou Diagana insists on the need for Ivy League institutions such as Penn to provide free or heavily subsidized mental health resources for their Black-identifying students.  
12/07/23 3:38am
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi expresses concerns over what she sees as hypocritical calls to protect open expression that are often empty and ignore real conduct-related problems on campus.  
12/06/23 8:17pm
Columnist Jessey Shin argues for a more nuanced understanding of accessibility at Penn and why it concerns all students. 
12/06/23 8:07pm
Columnist Mritika Senthil explains how Middle East Center director Harun Küçük’s departure unveils the Penn community’s complicity in upholding discrimination, similar to domestic tensions elicited by the Cold War and McCarthyism. 
12/05/23 10:07pm
Columnist Eric Najera reminds students to recognize and express gratitude for the resources they have access to and quality of learning they experience at Penn.
12/05/23 7:48pm
Columnist Sose Hovannisian argues that Penn’s lack of days off is just another factor of the cutthroat, corporate-heavy, and pre-professional environment it fosters for students.