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Opinion Columns

04/13/23 12:24pm
Columnist Allison Santa-Cruz contends that because of the lack of separation between work and personal life, we have little freedom to pursue leisure for the sake of leisure, a necessary component of a happy life. 
04/11/23 11:46pm
Columnist Benjamin McAvoy-Bickford argues for creating an environment at Penn where being on social media platforms is truly optional. 
04/11/23 8:48am
Columnist Julu Nwaezeapu encourages students to educate themselves on the carceral system in Philadelphia and to support prison reform groups. 
04/06/23 10:38pm
Columnist Riane Lumer responds to the study that Liz Magill reposted about university happiness rankings.
04/06/23 7:51pm
Columnist Sangitha Aiyer argues that Penn must begin financially investing in its international students. 
04/05/23 11:02pm
Columnist Aksa Choudhry critiques Penn’s refusal to pay PILOT’s and highlights the need for financial contributions to Philadelphia’s schools. 
04/05/23 8:05pm
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi concludes that Penn’s removal of the dean’s list is indicative of a larger problem in our culture of devaluing merit and not recognizing achievement. 
03/31/23 12:37am
Columnist Anni Paradise argues that the American GPA system hinders students’ ability to develop genuine passion for their work and hobbies during college, through this intense and not necessarily useful way of measuring academic progress.  
03/30/23 1:49am
Columnist Fiona Miller reminds students, new and old, of the importance of gratitude in aligning Penn expectations with reality. 
03/29/23 10:54pm
Columnist Liala Sofi argues for Penn to conduct worker satisfaction surveys that guarantee anonymity to effectively tackle issues surrounding its relationship with dissatisfied workers 
03/29/23 12:11am
Columnist Keshav Ramesh asserts that Penn students should pay attention to this year’s Philadelphia mayoral race prior to the primary in May. 
03/27/23 11:13pm
Columnist Riane Lumer critiques the prioritization of research over teaching among Penn’s faculty. 
03/21/23 1:44pm
Columnist C.H. Henry critiques the current flurry of construction which prioritizes erecting new buildings over enhancing the old ones.
03/20/23 12:45pm
Columnist Benjamin McAvoy-Bickford argues that Penn should expand its minors and language certificates to cover more languages. 
03/17/23 5:04pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman compares the unequal general education and pass/fail policies across schools which leave students in the College less freedom to pass/fail and more classes to take. 
03/16/23 6:10pm
Columnist Aksa Choudhry argues that Philadelphia’s needle exchange programs have proven to be an effective means of harm reduction despite stigma. 
03/15/23 11:30pm
Columnist Vinay Khosla argues that the general wealth of Penn’s student body blinds them to the nuances of homelessness and perpetuates discriminatory stereotypes.
03/14/23 11:24pm
Columnists Cathy Li and Fiona Miller discuss how complexities like race and gender play into the conversation about public transit. 
03/13/23 3:06pm
Columnist Zara Tena explores how international culture at Penn seems to be friendlier than American culture, and how students can change that. 
03/02/23 3:05pm
Columnist Brett Seaton addresses the opaque world of venture funding and what macroeconomic movements in the capital markets that Penn students need to know.