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Opinion Columns

04/18/22 11:43am
Columnist Sam Zou argues that Penn should expand the Exchange at Penn program and create more helpful resources and contacts before exchange students arrive on campus.  
04/15/22 9:54am
Columnist Artur Vllahiu argues that we have a lot to learn about the intersection of love and power relations from philosophy. 
04/12/22 7:48pm
Columnist Vinay Khosla argues that even high-achieving students should be encouraged to work customer service jobs to learn vital skills for becoming empathetic, productive members of society. 
04/10/22 10:00pm
Columnist Yomi Abdi discusses The Daily Pennsylvanian's exclusionary history and ongoing diversity efforts, through her own experiences and those of former Black opinion columnists. 
04/08/22 2:01am
Columnist Jaden Cloobeck describes the personal benefits of journaling, especially during uncertain periods in his life
04/06/22 10:04pm
Columnists Valerie Wang & Varun Saraswathula argue that Penn's treatment of Mackenzie Fierceton should remind students that our relationship with the university is more transactional than we might think.
04/06/22 9:36pm
Columnists Allison Santa-Cruz and Liala Sofi press for Penn administrators to properly address their involvement in the case of former Penn student Mackenzie Fierceton.
04/04/22 10:07am
Columnist Isabella Glassman urges Penn to financially assist fraternities and sororities as they transition to upperclassmen-only Greek life housing. 
04/01/22 7:07pm
Columnist Kayla Cotter argues that viewing the four-year degree as compulsory threatens to undermine other viable post-secondary pathways.  
03/31/22 10:46pm
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi argues that the University’s choice to extend the mask mandate in classrooms failed to consider scientific evidence and opinions of a large portion of students and faculty.
03/31/22 3:14pm
Columnist Agatha Advincula advises incoming college students on what they should know about Penn.
03/30/22 8:18pm
Columnist Otto Piasecki urges students to take advantage of the international diversity present at Penn.
03/29/22 6:13pm
Columnist Vinay Khosla argues that social media culture has been pivotal in desensitizing people to issues across the world.
03/24/22 6:55pm
Columnist Jesse Zhang shares his experiences and the lessons he learned from the college matriculation process. 
03/23/22 9:44pm
Columnist Alex Eapen writes that appointing a person of color as provost will allow Penn to better prioritize diversity and inclusion on campus. 
03/22/22 7:38pm
Columnist Jaden Cloobeck argues that senior societies need to improve in social inclusivity and financial transparency by reflecting on his personal rush experience and by interviewing current senior society members.
03/22/22 12:25am
Columnist Sam Zou argues for the positive role affirmative action has on achieving diversity, increasing intergenerational mobility, and equalizing wealth between Black and white students.  
03/19/22 1:38am
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi argues that higher education should not be viewed as a necessity, and in doing so we can improve the quality of our lives in college as well as our collective financial futures.
03/15/22 7:33pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman urges Penn students to more deeply consider whether an economics course is necessary for their academic career.
03/14/22 6:57pm
Columnist Allison-Santa-Cruz argues that it is time to return to pre-pandemic normalcy given current COVID-19 data.