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Opinion Columns

05/07/22 1:03pm
Conor Murray, former DP news editor, reflects on his four years at the DP and the difficulty of burning out doing something you love.   
05/06/22 3:28pm
Sukhmani Kaur, former photo editor and summer multimedia editor, reflects back on her past four years at Penn and the DP. 
05/06/22 9:47am
Columnist Varun Saraswathula writes about his Penn experience and his wish to have been kinder to himself and others.  
05/05/22 11:48pm
Columnist Jaden Cloobeck reflects upon his experience as a storyteller at Penn and encourages students to find an avenue to share their stories. 
05/05/22 1:21am
Ashley Ahn, former DP Executive Editor, reflects back on her four years at Penn and the DP. 
05/04/22 8:48pm
Hadriana Lowenkron, former DP editor-in-chief, reflects on the progress that the DP made during her leadership, and her hopes for the future.  
05/02/22 12:18am
Columnist Alfredo Praticò questions the methods that Sidechat has used to rise to prominence at Penn's campus.
05/02/22 12:04am
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi argues that Penn should put a greater emphasis on American history scholarship and courses.  
05/01/22 4:10pm
Columnist Daniel Gurevitch urges students to seek discomfort by taking courses outside of their academic comfort zone.
04/28/22 1:04am
Columnist Tony Zhou argues that all classes at Penn should have exams that are appropriately challenging without the need for a curve. 
04/26/22 7:28pm
Columnist Varun Saraswathula writes about psychedelic drugs, such as psilocybin and LSD, and how they are powerful therapeutics for a variety of mental illnesses; he argues that Penn should open a center for psychedelic research like many of its peer institutions to be at the forefront of psychiatry. 
04/25/22 10:55am
Columnist Vinay Khosla discusses how the emergence of NFTs poses a threat to art’s historical emphasis on cultural value. 
04/22/22 9:39am
Columnist Sam Zou argues that the usage of filler words is unprofessional and projects a lack of confidence during a speech or presentation.  
04/21/22 1:23pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen reflects on her experience with on-campus housing over the past two years, and how her perception of College House community has changed. 
04/18/22 11:43am
Columnist Sam Zou argues that Penn should expand the Exchange at Penn program and create more helpful resources and contacts before exchange students arrive on campus.  
04/15/22 9:54am
Columnist Artur Vllahiu argues that we have a lot to learn about the intersection of love and power relations from philosophy. 
04/12/22 7:48pm
Columnist Vinay Khosla argues that even high-achieving students should be encouraged to work customer service jobs to learn vital skills for becoming empathetic, productive members of society. 
04/10/22 10:00pm
Columnist Yomi Abdi discusses The Daily Pennsylvanian's exclusionary history and ongoing diversity efforts, through her own experiences and those of former Black opinion columnists. 
04/08/22 2:01am
Columnist Jaden Cloobeck describes the personal benefits of journaling, especially during uncertain periods in his life
04/06/22 10:04pm
Columnists Valerie Wang & Varun Saraswathula argue that Penn's treatment of Mackenzie Fierceton should remind students that our relationship with the university is more transactional than we might think.