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Opinion Columns

12/03/09 5:44am

Arielle Kane | Still tales as old as time

Once upon a time, there was a princess. There’s usually always a princess involved.
12/02/09 4:29am

Maya Brandon | You can’t sleep this one off

Back on campus after Thanksgiving break, we haven’t just returned to the steady routine of takeout and five hours of sleep per night — we’re also one step closer to finals.
12/01/09 5:31am

Jonathan Wright | Forging a two-way street

Once the final bell rings, you’ll be hard-pressed to find much student engagement in Philly middle schools coordinated by the School District of Philadelphia. And here is where you all come in.
11/25/09 6:46am

Emerson Brooking | Taking the midnight train to Georgia

Long- distance travel on Amtrak has logistical and social benefits.
11/25/09 6:42am

Ashley Takacs | The squirrel-theft accords

The squirrel-theft ridiculousness has gone on just a tad too long ­— here are my open letters offering solutions.
11/24/09 5:14am

Lindsey Stull | Think about it

I don’t know how to write about rape. If it were something abstract to me, I could probably distance myself, but victims of sexual assault are my friends and classmates, and it’s happening all the time.
11/24/09 5:12am

Sam Bieler | Making the most of opportunities

For most, Halloween Friday is a bacchanalia of wild parties and scandalous outfits; I saw Shakespeare.
11/23/09 5:21am

David Lei | Democratizing SAC funding

The Student Activities Council is responsible for allocating more than $800,000 to more than 140 student groups across campus that received funding this year. And it is in serious need of reform.
11/23/09 5:17am

Lauren Burdette | Palin 'populism' v. Ivy 'elitism'

Just when you thought politics were getting boring again, Sarah Palin burst back onto the political scene this week with her new book.
11/20/09 2:35am

Sally Engelhart | Doing it caveman style

Many of us know someone running the 26.2 miles this weekend, and most of us think that they are insane.
11/20/09 2:33am

Katherine Rea | I love college?

“I hate my life,” or “Eff my life” seem like such melodramatic and inappropriate things to say. Eff my life? Really?
11/19/09 4:47am

Dennie Zastrow | Laying foundations for a new campus bridge

Fellows in Building Intercultural Communities, a new program, can bridge the divides among the diverse communities at Penn.
11/18/09 5:10am

Maya Brandon | A time to DREAM big and make action

Penn students should become more involved in the DREAM Act.
11/18/09 5:06am

Emerson Brooking | I came, I saw, I majored

When I came to Penn, I couldn’t tell you the difference between Plato and Cicero. Moreover, I wasn’t sure why it mattered.
11/17/09 5:32am

Jonathan Wright | Defining dressing for success

The historically-black institution and alma mater of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has implemented an “Appropriate Attire Policy”
11/17/09 5:30am

Lindsey Stull | It's still free speech under fire

As a total geek, librarians have been some of my best friends. Bert Chapman, a Purdue librarian, will never be one of them.
11/16/09 3:08am

Heidi Khaled | Everyone's got a story

As a social art form, storytelling is unique in its ability to attract a wide variety of both participants and actors. But most importantly, it teaches us to do something we often forget to do — sit back, and listen to what someone else has to say.
11/16/09 3:06am

Lauren Burdette | Making every course count

It’s that time of year! The onset of winter weather, the realization that your class has a second (or third) midterm, and those Halloween pictures you forgot about reappearing on Facebook: Yep, advanced registration is here.
11/13/09 4:33am

Rohini Venkatraman | Building social networks virtually

Before I could complete my story, one friend interrupted, “Oh, I’ve already seen the pictures on Facebook.”
11/13/09 4:32am

Katherine Rea | Accessing medication

After years of work, six universities — including Penn, Harvard and Yale — committed to make desperately needed medicines more accessible to developing countries.