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Opinion Columns

01/15/10 5:15am

Rea-lity Check | Sit back and relax

Using stress to get more done is effective, but more often than not it just makes life unpleasantly overwhelming.
01/14/10 5:48am

Penn vs Sword | Fit for curriculum

Schools must value physical health just as much as intellectual development.
01/14/10 5:44am

A Dennie For Your Thoughts | Leaving my (liberal) comfort zone

This is one of the few times in our lives when we will easily be able to branch out and explore and gain knowledge in fields previously unknown.
01/12/10 10:51pm

Say anything | Smells like tween spirit

Penn students love tween stars. I wish we didn’t, because it’s pretty embarrassing.
12/13/09 10:36pm

Southern Comfort | Censorship hits high school

Blocking content in high-school newspapers is harmful to the future of journalism.
12/13/09 10:28pm

Bieler's Day Off | Getting an A+ for effort

Getting an A+ in classes is a real possibility. The process for how these grades are awarded should be better standardized.
12/10/09 5:23am

A Dennie For Your Thoughts | ‘I've never been more proud’

As a community, we not only rejected Westboro Baptist Church's philosophy, but we offered our own.
12/10/09 5:18am

Brought To You By The Letter "A" | Go east, young Penn

Studying abroad, no matter what country, is fantastic, and more students should take advantage of this opportunity.
12/09/09 5:49am

Southern Comfort | Battling for Ivy League recognition

Currently, four Ivies permit an ROTC program on campus, and only two, Penn and Cornell University, continue to award any sort of academic credit for cadet participation. This should change.
12/09/09 5:39am

Ash Wednesday | Trashing our treasures

In treating the Button like a canvas for some poorly conceived message, the vandals turned an iconic campus focal point into an eye sore that we must shield from tour groups.
12/08/09 5:44am

On A Roll | Fighting academic burnout

All Penn students possess an awareness of academic burnout. We should make sure that we play as hard as we work.
12/07/09 5:01am

Heidi Khaled | Tirades and tips from TAs

At the end of the semester, when stress reaches a high point, we teaching assistants tend to hear a lot of griping from our students. While undergrads have their complaints, we have ours too.
12/07/09 4:57am

Lauren Burdette | A need for openness

It’s one thing to support your own position and refute those who disagree with you, but it’s quite another to actively prevent alternate theories from being published, which it seems is what some of these researchers hoped to accomplish.
12/04/09 6:53am

Rohini Venkatraman | Too early for this gift

While fun, it’s still too early to switch to eBooks for textbooks.
12/04/09 6:49am

Katherine Rea | Texting tactfully

Texting, perhaps because it feels so discreet, lacks clear boundaries in determining when it’s appropriate.
12/03/09 5:44am

Arielle Kane | Still tales as old as time

Once upon a time, there was a princess. There’s usually always a princess involved.
12/02/09 4:29am

Maya Brandon | You can’t sleep this one off

Back on campus after Thanksgiving break, we haven’t just returned to the steady routine of takeout and five hours of sleep per night — we’re also one step closer to finals.
12/01/09 5:31am

Jonathan Wright | Forging a two-way street

Once the final bell rings, you’ll be hard-pressed to find much student engagement in Philly middle schools coordinated by the School District of Philadelphia. And here is where you all come in.
11/25/09 6:46am

Emerson Brooking | Taking the midnight train to Georgia

Long- distance travel on Amtrak has logistical and social benefits.
11/25/09 6:42am

Ashley Takacs | The squirrel-theft accords

The squirrel-theft ridiculousness has gone on just a tad too long ­— here are my open letters offering solutions.