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Opinion Columns

06/10/10 12:09am

Paul Richards | Philadelphia through graduated eyes

Even when not the path planned Philadelphia can have a lot to offer a recent college grad.
06/03/10 12:36am

Russell Trimmer | Give universities a crack at it

If the world made sense, the people responsible for causing a problem would take on the responsibility for fixing it. Unfortunately, we have created a world that is too complex to easily apply the lessons of simple childhood decency.
06/03/10 12:05am

Cristopher Willis | Less time in college devalues education

Stephen Joel Trachtenberg's idea that undergraduate degrees could be completed in three years may save tuition, but it costs students an opportunity to learn.
05/27/10 4:08am

Prameet Kumar | An ad not worth 1,000 words

Although the media credits a negative ad with Rep. Joe Sestak's recent victory in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary, this view is too simplistic.
05/27/10 4:02am

Sam Bieler | If only I’d known

I now present everything that I wish I had known as a freshman.
05/14/10 1:14am

Senior Goodbye from Alyssa Schwenk | Learn to appreciate the open windows

Somehow, in the most competitive place I’ve ever been, I quit planning and started enjoying myself.
05/14/10 1:11am

Senior Goodbye from Ashwin Shandilya | Starting to ask the right questions

Penn — or more precisely — the people I’ve met at Penn, have played a huge role in that process of discovery.
05/14/10 1:07am

Senior Goodbye from Emily Babay | The real crime

You don’t have to be a reporter to make the realizations I have during my time at Penn. Pursue your passions, whatever they are.
05/14/10 12:59am

Senior Goodbye from Rebecca Kaplan | Be true to yourself

If there’s any lesson that I could hope to impart, it’s this: Don’t shy away from the things that you love, no matter how difficult or different they seem.
05/14/10 12:52am

Senior Goodbye from Juliette Mullin | Page 217 revisited

When I applied to Penn, I wrote my retirement speech for my autobiography’s page 217. Today, I rewrote that speech.
05/14/10 12:40am

Senior Goodbye from David Lei | Four years of surprises

I could not have expected that the past four years would unfold as they did. And the narrative of my Penn experience has been full of surprises.
05/14/10 12:37am

Senior Goodbye from Julia Rubin | Figuring It All Out

I can confidently say I’m sick of the “then” and the “now” — I’m ready for the “next.”
04/29/10 2:36am

Senior Goodbye from Lindsey Stull | What a marathon

Penn has made me a suitable candidate to be a physician; the rest of the world has made me a well-rounded human being.
04/29/10 2:32am

Senior Goodbye from Alissa Eisenberg | Graduating is like poker

I’m certain that graduation is a time to turn uncertainty into opportunity and experiment as individuals with different paths for our lives.
04/29/10 2:28am

Senior Goodbye from Paul Richards | My advice: take it or leave it

I’m going to offer a little bit of advice. Take it, leave it, mock it, it doesn’t matter that much to me.
04/27/10 4:24am

Senior Goodbye from Ashley Takacs | The game of Penn

With my days at Penn numbered, I’ve become acutely aware that my time here is more like Chutes and Ladders than I’d like to admit.
04/27/10 4:21am

Senior Goodbye from Abby Schwartz | This is not a senior column

From where I’m standing — not a student yet not a graduate — I have a unique view of life before and after graduation.
04/26/10 4:25am

Slip of the Chung | Moving on, growing up

Despite knowing how important it is to find some place new, I have a hard time with the idea of leaving Penn.
04/26/10 4:21am

Wright-ing On The Wall | No need for my final advice

Those who have impacted us seniors during our time here have already given us more than I could ever share.
04/23/10 2:19am

Rea-lity Check | Here’s to Hey Day and beyond

I’m going to make a bold statement here and say I’m looking forward not just to senior year, but also graduation.