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Opinion Columns

12/03/10 6:47am

Hassall-Free Fridays | Home for the holidays?

Start anew and pick your own traditions. Odds are, you don’t really enjoy at least a few of your family’s typical holiday activities, and there’s no reason to keep them up.
12/03/10 6:42am

Penn Name | Tech that doesn’t click

Clickers are used in hundreds of universities across the country to help professors take attendance and gauge whether students are doing their homework and paying attention. They certainly have downsides.
12/02/10 6:39am

Truth Be Told | Prejudice doesn’t discriminate

The amount of attention given to an incident involving the black Harvard and Yale university graduate students and alumni at Cure Lounge highlights just how little attention racial profiling really gets.
12/02/10 6:32am

Smart Alec | The trouble was trust

DPS had the ability to send an alert if there were an active danger and it didn’t because it wasn’t necessary. We were safe. And as helpless as it may make us feel, we should trust our police.
11/30/10 5:55am

Berry Nice | Slang is like Shakespeare

Though there are certain cases in which slang is unacceptable, generally, I’m in favor of its use. Slang, like Shakespeare, can offer new shades of meaning to our increasingly digital society.
11/30/10 5:51am

Southern Comfort | Free-thinking and proud of it

In his challenge to the Ten Commandments, Rev. Bo Turner exhibited the kind of behavior we all should follow.
11/24/10 3:48am

Ad-Libs | The real reasons I like Thanksgiving

My favorite major holiday of the year is Thanksgiving. But I don’t like it for all the Hallmark-card reasons. While the conventional reasons make Thanksgiving pleasant, here are my real rationales.
11/24/10 3:43am

Say Anything | Food fight: cake vs. pie

There is one war which wages on even as other fights are won and lost. You are either on Team Cake or Team Pie. I am on Team Pie. Pie isn’t just more scrumptious than cake. It is also more American.
11/23/10 3:31am

Berry Nice | Thanks to Penn perks

Impatient as usual, I decided to get a head start on the list of things I'm thankful for with a campus perspective. Here’s a list of a few campus perks that don’t often get the recognition they deserve.
11/23/10 3:28am

Ryu's Clues | With a little help from mentors

Whether our mentors have a great deal of real-world experience or are just a few years older, they can all provide students with perspectives on academics, career paths and more.
11/22/10 6:12am

Wiki-Pedia | A call to arms for more school spirit

Teams work incredibly hard with little-to-no student support — imagine what a boost we could give to athletics if students showed up to games. This is a call to every student who has never been to a basketball game.
11/22/10 6:07am

The Sooner, The Better | ‘Bravo’ to the orchestra

The Philadelphia Orchestra is a unique and sacred gem in the midst of revitalization, is a flagship for this city’s long-term health and offers a stunningly low cost of admission for college students.
11/19/10 4:07am

Lu-stick To The Point | Attention, attention, provide more info

The absence of explanations after fire alarms causes students to doubt a future alarm’s credibility. Students don’t get the satisfaction of knowing whether the alarm was for a major or minor reason.
11/18/10 4:54am

Smart Alec | To students: shout in

To everyone who submits Shoutouts: please don’t be mean. By making Shoutouts all about how much we hate each other, we have lost an opportunity to create something that will make us feel better.
11/17/10 4:25am

Amanda Please | Drunk on technology

First, people had face-to-face drunk conversations. Then, drunk phone calls, drunk e-mailing followed and drunk texting. Most recently, the worst of all has arrived: drunk social networking.
11/17/10 4:15am

Ad-Libs | Lady Gaga class is no (fame) monster

She’s all over our televisions, iPods and computer screens. But now, Lady Gaga is infiltrating yet another sacred space in our society — the classroom.
11/16/10 5:12am

Southern Comfort | The Watergate that really wasn’t

Thanks in large part to the DP, Christian Lunoe has gone through too much for too little. This newspaper overstepped its bounds in its treatment of a fellow student. It should not do so again.
11/16/10 4:57am

Berry Nice | Look past the streamers

A social event for charity? Sounds like an excuse to party with a clean conscience. But Greek philanthropic efforts raise awareness for a number of causes and donate thousands of dollars to different charitable organizations.
11/15/10 4:13am

Cosmopoli-Tanvi | Making more use of each other

With four years of fall breaks and Thanksgiving breaks and spring breaks we’re racking up time that could be spent exploring, adventuring and visiting friends at their homes instead of bumming around at our own.
11/12/10 4:39am

Hassall-Free Fridays | Please, don’t take the easy way out

It seems that the easy post-graduation options are returning home or living in the BosWash megalopolis. But don’t. For the love of God, don’t.