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Opinion Columns

10/28/09 4:01am

Emerson Brooking | A Phever around campus

The Phillies' recent success has brought them a cadre of new Penn fans.
10/27/09 4:16am

Sam Bieler | Tunneling their way to Penn lore

The possibility of tunnels and crawl spaces running underneath campus have long dominated Penn lore
10/27/09 4:12am

Lindsey Stull | Give us a break

Last week's fall "break" is a situation that should be avoided at all costs in the future, for the sake of our sanity.
10/26/09 5:14am

David Lei | Bringing Net policy into the 21st century

More students need to know their rights and responsibilities to Internet privacy, and administrators can work on streamlining a policy as technology changes
10/26/09 5:07am

Lauren Burdette | All politics start local

There's still a chance for students to educate themselves on the issues in the upcoming election.
10/23/09 3:40am

Katherine Rea | Dropping the spirit stick

We have three more home football games this year, and it all starts with the fans. Students should show up to support their team.
10/23/09 3:38am

Sally Engelhart | Eating for energy

Knowing what you’re eating can help you stay awake, even pull an all-nighter.
10/22/09 1:02am

Editorial | Respecting research

Sen. Coburn's proposal to curtail political science research is incredibly narrow minded
10/22/09 1:00am

Maya Brandon | Surviving swine flu

Four days in the life of one student with a virus that mimicked swine flu
10/22/09 12:57am

Dennie Zastrow | Better serving students and the community

There's no good reason not to turn HUP into a rape-designated facility to better treat victims of sexual assault
10/21/09 4:26am

Arielle Kane | Time to stop the madness

Arielle Kane's appalled at last week's drama, and the lengths people will go for their 15 minutes
10/21/09 4:22am

Emerson Brooking | Too much of a good thing

Emerson Brooking discusses how too much agreement can lead to complacency
10/15/09 4:16am

Rohini Venkatraman | Beyond WebMD for personal health care

The Internet allows health care to get individual, down to iPhone apps
10/15/09 3:26am

Arielle Kane | Magazine madness

Do you want to go into magazine journalism? I really hope not. I thought I was interested in it, too. Now I’m not so sure.
10/14/09 3:32am

Ashley Takacs | Opening art to all

For me, Sundays at the Philadelphia Museum of Art were like going to church. I went because it was good for my soul, it got me thinking about the big picture (literally and metaphorically) and, like Sunday mass, it was free.
10/13/09 4:40am

Lindsey Stull | More than the money

Students should strive to achieve a college degree, but trying to quantify higher education ignores the macro-level rise in quality of life for all citizens.
10/12/09 1:41am

Heidi Khaled | The great Philebrity camp-out

A bar-crawl brawl on a blog opens a discussion on the cultural politics of camp
10/12/09 1:37am

Lauren Burdette | Not just a girls'-only club

Treating "women's" issues turns a community issue into a niche issue and makes the problems even harder to solve
10/09/09 4:03am

Sally Engelhart | Learning to resist temptation

Sally Engelhart looks at the Marshmallow Experiment, and what it means for delayed gratification in Penn students' lives