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Opinion Columns

04/12/11 4:40am

The Gray Area | A PURManent endowment

It’s time to set priorities straight — the University needs to increase funding for the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program.
04/12/11 4:23am

Tattle-Taylor | Getting lost in translation

Penn's 6:1 student-teacher ratio is meaningless without more actual teaching in language classes.
04/11/11 5:22am

Combat Ray-tions | The trials and tribulations of vegetarianism

There are always difficulties making a transition from one form of diet to another. My one-week attempt at being a vegetarian was no exception.
04/11/11 5:05am

The Gold Standard | Drill, baby, drill

Natural gas is an alternative energy resource that deserves to be embraced, not deplored. We should drill in the Marcellus Shale.
04/08/11 4:59am

Duly Noted | Cracking up the glass ceiling of comedy

Today, comediennes wear the figurative pants. Rather than trying to play down their looks or smarts, they aren’t afraid to use them as assets.
04/08/11 4:50am

Last Call | A recommendation for Penn

Penn’s Career Services could do more to help students when it comes to collecting and distributing letters of recommendations for graduate school.
04/07/11 4:29am

Truth Be Told | Paradise misguided

Lawmakers are trying to reduce costs by penalizing people who engage in behaviors that raise health risks. But are such behaviors taxable?
04/06/11 5:29am

The Half of It | Broken by the curve

Curving systems render grading less about individual performance and more about the performance of others.
04/06/11 5:11am

A Likely Story | Choosing my religion

Whether you embrace or dismiss religion, be aware of why you are doing so.
04/05/11 8:06am

Joke issue: The Gray Area | My second drink

For my second-ever drink, I had a can of the sweetest ambrosia known to man — a brand of beer called Pabst Blue Ribbon.
04/04/11 5:23am

Bank on It | How the internet killed creativity

As college students, we are practically attached to our laptops. Unfortunately, we have become victims to our own technology.
04/04/11 4:33am

The Gold Standard | The legacy double standard

It seems that sibling admissions have a half-legacy status at Penn. The University should count sibling legacy just as much as parent or grandparent legacy would.
04/01/11 5:38am

Last Call | Planning for the future

Having a knack for executing a successful event will be beneficial in your future career and offer useful experiences to draw upon in job interviews.
03/31/11 4:42am

Scientifically Blonde | Don’t let a paralyzing fear hold you back

Debilitating phobias can be a real problem. So I was pretty excited when I heard about a potential shortcut to overcome them.
03/31/11 4:15am

Smart Alec | The universal University

By extending our hand to young people across the globe, we are not only serving our national interests. We are feeding the nation’s soul.
03/29/11 4:21am

Tattle-Taylor | Doctors without morals

Being a doctor necessitates a certain level of compassion and respect for human life that you can’t learn from any textbook.
03/25/11 4:49am

Duly Noted | Nineties nostalgia comes of age

Nickelodeon recently announced that a slew of TV shows from the '90s will soon air again. Your childhood is coming back to a television near you.
03/25/11 4:23am

Last Call | Trees of knowledge

The Morris Arboretum is a lovely place to spend the afternoon, and students should take advantage of the many resources it offers.
03/24/11 5:41am

Truth Be Told | Habits of highly effective sleepers

Research done here at Penn points out that sleep is complicated and that we need to sleep smarter, not harder.
03/23/11 7:07am

The Half of It | Capogiro’s curdled coffee culture

As admirable as Capogiro’s intentions may be, some students feel that unnecessary condescension and pretension reign behind the coffee bar.