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Opinion Columns

06/09/20 7:17pm
This abstracted version of Penn’s community, though inspiring, still fails to provide students with one of Penn’s core values: engagement. 
06/08/20 11:43am
Asian Americans and Christians are part of a unique niche in American society that seems to tell us it’s best we stay out of the fight.
06/07/20 12:30pm
Here are seven explanations of the deeper truths, purposes, and misinformation behind rioting —and why blanket condemnations can blur truth and the pursuit of justice.
06/06/20 2:16pm
Small business owner Leon Scott founded the Silver Legends jewelry boutique over fifteen years ago. This past week, looters inflicted severe property damage on the store and stole some merchandise.
06/06/20 2:03pm
As someone who is tired of the cycle — wrongful death, post about it, protest, repeat — we must remain committed to the fight against injustice, even when it is not convenient.
06/04/20 4:01pm
Despite having the perfect answer in my head, I sometimes don’t share it, and if I do, it doesn’t always sound like I meant it to.
06/03/20 4:08pm
By giving standardized testing the weight it currently has, we end up heightening the barriers to higher education that many Black students already face.
06/03/20 2:21pm
 Black Americans do not have the privilege to look at the American flag as a representation of freedom.
05/31/20 4:28pm
If I were to write an opinion article without providing links to articles written by Black authors about the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests, I would be failing at my attempt to recognize my white privilege. 
05/29/20 7:34pm
Remember the lives of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd when you vote in the upcoming election.
05/29/20 4:29pm
I wish others would understand the challenges student reporters experience — both emotional and practical. We shoulder the heaviness of listening to, thinking about, and accurately depicting sensitive issues.
05/28/20 11:11am
No matter what Penn announces, it will be a surprise and a far cry from the normal semesters of the past.
05/27/20 4:12pm
Sectioning off a regular portion of time to center yourself is imperative to balancing a healthy outlook in your world.
05/27/20 1:25pm
What I have found myself missing above all is community. Penn gave me many communities, and I deeply treasured the connection and support I found in them. 
05/26/20 10:38am
It’s key to keep an open mind and listen carefully, even if it's virtually, to what everyone around you is experiencing.
05/25/20 7:11pm
Registering for a mail-in ballot protects you from unnecessary risk of contracting COVID-19. 
05/25/20 9:56am
From undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoc’s to professors- everyone that juggled taking care of their family and fulfilling their strong commitment to Penn became a superhero in their own right.
05/25/20 9:38am
Pennsylvania faces a unique set of challenges in developing an adequate mail-in system as the November presidential election rapidly approaches. 
05/22/20 2:46pm
It's important to remind ourselves that there are ways to push ourselves forward, personally and professionally, that don't include the perfect title on our resumes.
05/21/20 12:12pm
The onus is on our political leadership to support empirical, evidence-based information to protect the American people.