Opinion Columns

10/12/09 5:37am

Lauren Burdette | Not just a girls'-only club

Treating "women's" issues turns a community issue into a niche issue and makes the problems even harder to solve
10/09/09 8:03am

Sally Engelhart | Learning to resist temptation

Sally Engelhart looks at the Marshmallow Experiment, and what it means for delayed gratification in Penn students' lives
10/09/09 8:00am

Katherine Rea | Tracking changes everything

Katherine Rea takes a look at how both students and older people view tracked advertising online
10/08/09 5:57am

Dennie Zastrow | Making the meetings count

Being involved is worth the time commitment
10/08/09 5:56am

Arielle Kane | An open letter to my profs

I know I’ve got some bad habits, and I’m ready to compromise
10/07/09 6:12am

Maya Brandon | STARTing everyone on the right foot

A new program for Wharton freshmen should be made available to all freshmen
10/07/09 6:10am

Emerson Brooking | Changing the game

Voters and candidates need to work together to create a more engaged campaign
10/07/09 6:08am

Editorial |Judging the vote

Students need to inform themselves if voting this election
10/06/09 8:44am

Sam Bieler | 'Destination' doesn't have to be destiny

The U. Museum's efforts to attract more tourists don't highlight its best assets.
10/06/09 8:41am

Lindsey Stull | Time for Improvement

A relatively tight passing time often forces students to choose between leaving class early or arriving late
10/05/09 8:19am

David Lei | Having the patience to persevere

One bad year shouldn’t deter colleges from adventurous, but risky, investing
10/05/09 8:17am

Lauren Burdette | Electing for a good dynamic

Reliant on internal elections, student groups face a few scenarios in the upcoming weeks
10/02/09 7:14am

Rohini Venkatraman | Your future, in 140 characters

It doesn't seem like it, but Twitter can be useful, including at work
10/02/09 7:11am

Katherine Rea | Exiling more than sexiling

Tufts’ new policy eliminates more than just one uncomfortable night on the couch
10/01/09 8:48am

Arielle Kane | Google the Gutenberg

Google has reinvisioned books, and it's time they're allowed to digitize for real
10/01/09 8:45am

Dennie Zastrow | Proceeding in a better way

Changes to the UA budget are infinitely better
09/30/09 7:54am

Emerson Brooking | Our chance to capture a moment

Our generation owes plenty to the Woodstock moment
09/30/09 7:52am

Ashley Takacs | Preserving treasures

Moving the Barnes Foundation gallery to Philadelphia is a way to save the collection and educate more guests
09/30/09 2:47am

Lindsey Stull | Strengthening shoulders

The Internet has changed research journals, and it's time to comprehensively adapt the system.
09/28/09 8:18am

Heidi Khaled | The pains of emotional labor

A service-industry trend toward aloofness is becoming just as draining as forced niceness