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Opinion Columns

04/11/19 12:00pm
So my question is, why are sexual encounters where men benefit more normalized? And how can we combat this idea? By talking.
04/09/19 9:10pm
There are steps that the University could take to both mitigate tax inconsistencies and to better disseminate these facts to students, many of whom do not realize the facts until they are issued an unexpected billing statement that they will have to pay a tax on a significant portion of their grant.
04/09/19 8:41pm
The truth is that housing presents a problem with no good solution.
04/09/19 8:30pm
If students are going to stay up late working regardless of the operating hours, why not open up more spaces for them to use so they can at least be comfortable and at ease?
04/08/19 1:34pm
The first thing you tell someone when you meet them — before inevitably bringing up your major or your hometown — is your name. It holds weight.
04/08/19 1:27pm
I’ll be the first to admit it: even with all its nuances, I love Penn, and I am so glad I chose to come here.
04/07/19 8:31pm
The pricing and inadequate availability of Penn’s dining options forces students to either spend their own or more of their families’ money on food, or, for those who can’t afford to do so, to be hungry. 
04/04/19 9:09pm
We’re the ones you learn about in class about inner-city kids struggling with educational inequality. We’re also the ones you claim to be stealing your financial aid. So as great as it is that you’re learning more about us at Penn, it’s even more important that you understand that there are many people who could have been us. 
04/04/19 8:48pm
Penn students don’t just feel disconnected from the UA because they don’t care — they feel disconnected because it’s frustrating to have the issues and concerns facing them discussed for the sake of gaining votes, and then ignored again.
04/02/19 5:35pm
Equal opportunities to participate are created when professors leading conversations actively engage women, women actively participate, and men in the classroom recognize that they need to leave room for these women.
04/02/19 11:54am
Throughout the last years, we have seen how not only ambition, but also determination and strategy, can lead to concrete, tangible change for the student body.
04/01/19 5:17pm
For many Philadelphia residents who struggle to get by, Penn is a full view reminder of a system that isn’t designed for them. 
04/01/19 12:14am
So, instead of trying to make the most out of Penn, just try to make it through. That is an accomplishment in itself.
03/31/19 6:27pm
Because of the band’s integral role in publicity initiatives undertaken by the University and its highly visible presence on campus, the University should divert more funds to support the band’s efforts, and perhaps even pay its members for their services. 
03/27/19 3:22pm
On Decision Day, my teacher made a point of looking directly at me, decked proudly in my Penn hoodie, as he told us why he considered affirmative action to be reverse discrimination. The message was clear: my spot in Penn’s Class of 2022 had been given, not earned. 
03/24/19 10:56pm
One thing college campuses tend to lack is comfort; they are chasms full to the brim with diverse people, backgrounds, and stories, but they don’t always radiate the feelings of warmth and support that people need.
03/24/19 10:49pm
There is certainly merit in our pursuit of a higher education and a better life — both spiritually and financially. But there are also costs to consider.
03/24/19 10:40pm
The point is practical: Everyone knows someone who is in need of help. Rather than waiting for someone else to step up to it, act upon it yourself. 
03/24/19 7:53pm
We can do more. And we should. 
03/24/19 6:55pm
Putting yourself ahead — whether through bribing coaches, doctoring resumes, or using unethical means to get extra time on exam — is destructive.