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Opinion Columns

05/31/23 12:50am
Columnist Riane Lumer positively reflects upon her journey to Penn as a transfer while advising potential transfers to be open minded in their college journey.
05/15/23 1:50pm
Asaad Manzar, former opinion editor of The Daily Pennsylvanian, revisits his past three years at Penn. 
05/12/23 1:11am
Hannah Gross, former assignments editor, assures readers that it's okay to need and take breaks from the activities you love.
05/11/23 9:12pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman contemplates the deep meaning that can be drawn from the less prestigious, small moments at Penn. 
05/11/23 8:48pm
Lochlahn March, a former Daily Pennsylvanian sports editor, details how learning to fail can actually be the key to success.
05/11/23 8:07pm
Columnist Alex Baxter reminds readers that their time at Penn is fleeting and that embracing connectedness is key.
05/11/23 7:23pm
Sophie Apfel, former copy editor, expresses gratitude for her service to the DP and calls on others to perform services for others, even without credit.
05/11/23 6:57pm
Komal Patel, former deputy assignments editor, reflects on having fun writing for the paper. 
05/11/23 6:33pm
Columnist Sam Zou encourages students to look at life with an abundance mindset instead of focusing on what we lack or what is scarce in the world.
05/11/23 9:44am
Jonah Charlton, former editor-in-chief, redefines what he considers making it at Penn in the context of the relationships he has forged through his time at The Daily Pennsylvanian.
04/28/23 7:22am
Columnist Zara Tena explores how disordered eating is common all across Penn, and what can be done to protect those vulnerable to it.
04/27/23 11:13pm
Columnist Riane Lumer analyzes the consequences of book purges as threats to democracy and societal interconnection.  
04/26/23 6:51pm
Columnist Benjamin McAvoy-Bickford advocates for making it easier for Penn students to take classes at Drexel and Temple, and vice versa.
04/26/23 6:43am
Columnist Ace Dahyeon Choi urges involvement in campus fashion due to its historical significance and modern-day social and professional relevance. 
04/25/23 10:10pm
Columnist Mia Vesely questions the practice of legacy preference and the future of Penn admissions.
04/21/23 10:18am
Columnist Victor Dubeux argues in favor of an ESG-focused Wharton requirement as a way to change Wharton students’ legacy and boost the Wharton brand. 
04/20/23 10:06pm
Columnists Vinay Khosla and Lexi Boccuzzi introduce the potential candidates running for president in 2024, and debate who has the best chance at attaining the office.
04/19/23 10:52pm
Columnist Spencer Gibbs reflects on carbon emissions, climate action, and what living sustainably means as a Penn student.
04/19/23 9:09pm
Columnist Taja Mazaj argues that fraud is at the center of the modern corporatized university, and Penn's 4% increase in tuition is indicative of this.
04/18/23 8:46pm
Columnist Alex Baxter explores the intersection between individuality and style at Penn and in Europe.