10/16/18 4:54am
From Oct. 15 to 19, Penn Sustainability will be running its annual ReThink Your Footprint campaign to minimize waste. 
10/15/18 6:43pm
The requirement went into effect this semester, but the decision was made in March 2017 as part of the President and Provost's Faculty Inclusion Report.
10/15/18 12:09am
1982 College graduate Ruth Turner and her husband 1982 College graduate and 1985 Penn Law David E. Schulman created a research fund to promote student research at the Center.
10/11/18 12:46am
Vice Provost and Directors of Penn Libraries Constantia Constantinou emphasized her excitement to live and work in the city of brotherly love. 
10/10/18 3:54am
This year, Penn's annual flu clinic that administers flu vaccines is free for all Penn students, faculty, staff, and post-doctorate students.  
10/09/18 5:19am
Penn will work toward building community by reworking housing structures, reforming residential programs, and redesigning dining experiences. 
10/09/18 4:34am
NCHW will host 450 students and will be available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. All apartments will be suite-style, with sizes ranging from three- to six-person room suites.
10/02/18 1:00pm
The donation from 1984 Wharton graduate Marc J. Rowan and Carolyn Rowan surpassed Huntsman's $40 million, which had been the largest single contribution to Wharton for 20 years.
10/02/18 6:15am
The last Quad renovation lasted from 1999 to 2002. It combined four college houses into three, added air–conditioning, and replaced every bathroom, including all the toilets and showers. 
10/01/18 12:38am
The University has implemented a number of changes to Fels since December 2017, including ousting the executive director and pausing admissions for the 2018-19 school year. 
09/30/18 10:46pm
Penn Facilities and Real Estate Services intern Elena Juodisius took on a pet project this summer to chart out the locations around campus that have plants that humans can eat. 
09/29/18 7:56pm
In April, The Daily Pennsylvanian reported that PennDesign is the most tuition-dependent school at Penn and, consequently, faces unique financial challenges. 
09/28/18 3:00am
Penn Vice President for Finance and Treasurer MaryFrances McCourt announced at the Board of Trustees meeting last night Penn's undergraduate endowment topped $1 billion this year.
09/27/18 5:55am
UA President Michael Krone told the DP that the increased cost of living off campus was one of the two main concerns among student leaders briefed of the plan beforehand.
09/27/18 3:35am
In three years, all undergraduate sophomores will be required to live in college housing. Sophomores will not be permitted to live in on-campus Greek houses.
09/26/18 7:46pm
In the wake of Bill Alexander's absence, CAPS Deputy Executive Director Meeta Kumar has implemented several new initiatives in his noticeable absence.
09/26/18 12:21am
The new proposal aims to capture the attention of trustees by highlighting the financial advantages of divestment from coal and tar sands. 
09/25/18 7:36pm
Cosby, who was born and raised in Philadelphia, was accused in 2016 of committing sexual assault at the Penn Relays in 2004. He received a Doctorate of Laws from Penn in 1990 and spoke at Commencement in 1997.
09/21/18 9:51pm
The Philadelphia native completed his undergraduate studies at Princeton in 1947 and later received a Master of Fine Arts from Princeton in 1950. He received an honorary degree from Penn in 1980.
09/21/18 1:20am
Dubé raised ideas such as centralizing Student Health Services and CAPS, abolishing grades for freshman year, and creating programs like 'Thrive at Penn' for grades beyond freshman year.