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There’s always something new going on at Penn’s four undergraduate schools and 12 graduate schools. Look here for information on upcoming academic initiatives, new classes and research conducted by professors and students.

10/05/10 11:41pm

Provost's Office announces next year's academic theme

The Office of the Provost announced Tuesday that the academic theme for the 2011-12 academic year is the Year of Games.
09/28/10 4:06am
When Critical Writing professor Damon Linker is not teaching students about religion or politics, he is most likely writing about it. Linker’s book, The Religious Test, was released Monday.
09/23/10 3:28am
At “The Permeable City: Designing for Water,” panelists — all of whom were Penn alumni or faculty — discussed various aspects of water. The discussion was sponsored by the Provost’s Office as part of the Year of Water initiative.
09/23/10 1:54am

With NIH grant, Penn Med and Guatemalan university forge partnership

With a $1.1 million NIH-sponsored grant and support from Guatemala’s vice president, the Penn Epidemiology Program will bring together researchers from both the University and Guatemala to better address the developing country’s chronic health issues.
09/22/10 5:09am
Even though Nursing freshman Kiahana Brooks has only been in Philadelphia for four months, she is already making her mark by establishing a global health club.
09/21/10 5:16am

Grad humanities interest still high

With many seniors contemplating whether to apply for graduate school and fellowships, experts are once again debating the value of a graduate degree in the humanities.
09/18/10 1:21am

Journalism now its own minor

After years of student discussion and requests, the English department announced a Journalistic Writing minor earlier this week.
09/16/10 11:25pm

Penn Med increases numbers of female admins

The School of Medicine is diversifying its faculty with initiatives to place more women into top academic positions, such as new Ophthalmology chairwoman Joan O’Brien.
09/16/10 4:46am

CURF streamlines undergraduate humanities research

Penn often touts its array of opportunities for undergraduate research — such as CURF, PURM, and University Scholars — as an asset that distinguishes it from peer institutions.
09/16/10 12:29am
Penn Design graduate Bret Betnar authored a project proposal centered on establishing a system of open-air composting toilets to improve sanitation and soil quality in Mumbai, India.
09/15/10 6:01am
About 60 people attended Tuesday’s panel discussion, which focused on closely examining both the risks and benefits of the developing field of synthetic biology.
09/15/10 3:22am
The School of Engineering and Applied Science is coming off an eventful summer, during which faculty from various fields and levels of seniority received over $60 million in grants.
09/15/10 1:47am

Students frustrated with availability of online syllabi

Since courses are only listed on Blackboard after students enroll in a class, students are finding it difficult to use syllabi to inform their registration.
09/14/10 4:10am
The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology has created numerous initiatives for the upcoming school year in hopes of appealing to the public beyond its educational role.
09/14/10 1:33am

New book questions Management 100 TA system

Wharton students defend the Management 100 TA system, which has recently come under attack in a new book about Higher Education.
09/13/10 3:42am
Graduate School of Education professor Marybeth Gasman will speak Sept. 13 at the White House Initiative on HBCUs’ National Conference in Washington, D.C.
09/10/10 4:31am

Penn Law and Hong Kong University create exchange program

Penn’s Law School and the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong established a new dual-degree exchange student program — a move which administrators call a testament to Penn’s commitment to internationalism.
09/09/10 1:10am

Wharton professors predict box office potential

Hoping to improve the relationship between these two elements, Wharton professors Jehoshua Eliashberg and Z. John Zhang, along with current New York University professor Sam Hui, have devised a method in which they can, by analyzing a film’s script, predict its box office potential.
09/01/10 9:38pm

Textbooks made more accessible

With an expanding array of outlets for purchasing textbooks, students will encounter more reasonably priced options when buying course materials this semester.
09/01/10 7:55pm
Though the application process is said to be grueling, the University “does pretty well with encouraging kids to apply for Fulbrights and making their applications good enough to be accepted,” Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships Harriet Joseph said.