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There’s always something new going on at Penn’s four undergraduate schools and 12 graduate schools. Look here for information on upcoming academic initiatives, new classes and research conducted by professors and students.

03/18/13 12:52am

Students now have remote access to Wharton lab

The “virtual” world might conjure up images of avatars, fantasy worlds or “The Matrix.” For Wharton students, it means something completely different. The Virtual Lab, launched this semester, gives anyone with a Wharton account access to the Wharton lab — similar to accessing one of the computers in Huntsman Hall — from any network connection.
03/14/13 10:54pm

SAT to undergo facelift to better reflect college work

The SAT, a rite of passage for many college-bound students throughout the country, will be undergoing a redesign.
07/03/12 10:51pm

Trustees approve new academic programs

At their biannual meeting last month, the trustees voted to create an Africana Studies department, a Masters in Bioethics Training program and a Masters in Integrated Product Design program.
01/17/12 11:09pm

Religious studies class requires students to engage in monastic way of life

The Religious Studies department will offer a class requiring students to abstain from using electronic and verbal communication, the internet and alcohol.
01/17/12 11:07pm
As its title implies, the ISP program — which was launched in the fall and is now entering its second full semester — is primarily focused on academics.
10/25/11 11:41pm

Undergraduate TAs find balance with their students

Over six classes in Wharton, the College and Engineering have undergraduate teaching assistants in introductory courses
07/28/11 4:12am

Engineering to launch new major in the fall

The Rajendra and Neera Singh Program in Market and Social Systems Engineering — set to launch this fall with 20 incoming freshmen — will consist of computer science, electrical and systems Engineering and Wharton classes.
07/14/11 5:19am

Brava! to Penn professor for ‘passion for giving back’

Director of CHIP Katherina Rosqueta will be one of 25 to receive a ‘SmartCEO’ mag award for improving the effectiveness of philanthropic donations.
07/14/11 5:15am

Professors investigate effects of oil spill

Penn researchers are taking part in new efforts to assess how last year’s massive oil spill off the Gulf Coast has affected seafood and those who rely on it for food and fishing.
06/23/11 5:48am
Over 200 leaders attended the “Leading in a Reset Economy and Uncertain World” conference.
06/02/11 3:47am

Penn leads in productivity

A recent study on research productivity named Penn the most productive academic institution in the nation, spending $28,547 per paper published in a scholarly journal.
05/28/11 2:19pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
05/26/11 12:24am

Penn graduates fare better than most in job market

60 percent of 2010 Penn graduates found jobs, as opposed to just 53 percent of graduates nationwide.
05/23/11 9:06pm
The University received $7.5 million for its Korean Studies program and will partner with a university in Seoul.
04/27/11 9:26pm

In finance, women see lower pay than men

Lifestyle differences such as childbearing, as well as unconscious biases, may play into the discrepancy.
04/26/11 4:38am

Pre-law students weigh gap year

As the deadline to enroll in law schools approaches, many seniors are weighing the benefits of deferring their three-year commitment to studying law.
04/22/11 12:34am

Wharton students fight 'apathy' trend

Trends show that business undergraduates have become disengaged with their coursework, according to a recent National Survey of Student Engagement.
04/21/11 1:07am

Penn Med offers increased focus on LGBT issues

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender awareness has made strides in the legal world, but still has far to go in the medical world.
04/20/11 5:57am
Nathan Ensmenger, co-founder of the Science, Technology and Society program, was denied tenure after 15 years at Penn, prompting disappointment from his students.
04/19/11 12:58am

Between Fling and finals, students observe Passover

This year, Passover's timing presents obstacles for students meeting academic deadlines. Many will miss classes, travel home and for a period forgo writing and using electronics.