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There’s always something new going on at Penn’s four undergraduate schools and 12 graduate schools. Look here for information on upcoming academic initiatives, new classes and research conducted by professors and students.

04/01/13 9:13pm
There’s more than just oinks and moos at Penn School of Veterinary Medicine’s New Bolton Center.
04/01/13 8:59pm
The “Lod Mosaic” at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology has garnered a lot of praise, but has also drawn criticism from Penn faculty.
03/31/13 11:13pm

Microfinance conference takes risks to task

This Saturday, students, academics and professionals met in Huntsman Hall to discuss the ethical repercussions of the microfinancial industry.
03/28/13 9:04pm

Wharton drops in Bloomberg business school rankings

The Wharton School was ranked number five in Bloomberg Businessweek’s annual ranking of undergraduate business schools this year, which was released March 20. This is a drop from last year, when it was ranked fourth.
03/28/13 3:32pm

Penn admit rate drops to record-low 12.1 percent

This year, 12.1 percent of total applicants were admitted to the Class of 2017, a slight decrease from last year’s 12.6 percent and marks a record low for Penn, according to the Office of Admissions.
03/27/13 8:36pm

Early Novels Database makes 400-year-old books searchable

Early Novels Database is a bibliographic database that consists of American and British fiction novels from the years 1660-1830, and it is revolutionizing humanities research.
03/27/13 12:14am
At the fourth annual Wharton Biztalks, faculty members gave presentations on their current research interests.
03/25/13 10:49pm
You can’t burst this professor’s bubble. Assistant professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Daeyeon Lee recently won the 3M Nontenured Faculty Award for creating particles that are hollow and lightweight, like bubbles, but are also surprisingly sturdy.
03/25/13 7:06pm
Research a Penn professor has been doing on the brain for the past 35 years is now being considered for a television show.
03/24/13 11:51pm

Admissions consulting firms cater to MBA programs

Admissions consulting firms have been around for a while now, and with a constant flow of demand from both undergraduate and graduate students seeking advice on how to perfect their applications to various programs, the industry is flourishing.
03/24/13 11:38pm
Engineering senior Ayaka Nonaka has built two iPhone apps — one for the weather and one to-do list — for fun in the past month. As a computer science major, a teacher for the half-credit course Computer Science 195 and one of the organizers of PennApps, Nonaka has had extensive experience in programming but wanted to use these projects as “an exercise in programming, design and product development.”
03/21/13 8:45pm
You have two choices — either eat one marshmallow now, or wait and get two sometime later. Do you wait, or do you give in and eat the marshmallow?
03/21/13 12:53am
In the course of keeping patients alive, medical ventilators can overstretch and injure the lungs, sometimes killing the patient. Engineering senior Jessie Huang has created a new scientific method that will help scientists who are researching this phenomenon.
03/21/13 12:37am

High-tech classroom to be built in Van Pelt

This idea is for a dynamic and adaptable classroom that can be used for any class type, subject or situation. It will be equipped with different types of projectors, walls built as white boards and other forms of technology.
03/19/13 12:12am

Wharton Public Policy Initiative gains new leadership

Wharton’s D.C. program has gained new leadership.
03/19/13 12:03am

Penn gets $10 million for international hub

Penn has received a $10 million donation to fund the creation of a new “world house” on campus, the University announced Tuesday.
03/18/13 11:18pm

Coursera experiences glitches, growing pains

Despite the hype surrounding massive open online courses, some challenges remain for both students and educators.
03/18/13 10:52pm

UA urges administration to establish Native American studies program

The Undergraduate Assembly is throwing their weight behind the proposal to start a Native American studies program.
03/18/13 1:38am

Education Week to address reaccreditation process

Education Week, which will last from March 18 to March 22, is hosting six different professors and administrators who will talk about one of six key aspects of the reaccreditation process that Penn is currently undergoing.
03/18/13 1:05am

Bar exam to be modified in 2015

In February 2015, the infamous bar exam will change, but the Law School sees little reason to worry. The examiners of the Multistate Bar Examination are making fundamental alterations to the exam. They plan to add a new subject to the exam, Civil Procedures, and reduce the number of questions in other subjects to keep the total number at 200.