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10/22/09 12:51am

Neuroscience prof sheds light on animal research

Despite the School of Veterinary Medicine’s prestigious status as a research institution, Penn Police is on the lookout at every event for animal rights activists protesting the unfair treatment of research subjects.
10/21/09 4:43am

Profs scoff at bill to drop political science funds

Sen. Tom Coburn (R- Ok.) proposed an amendment that would prohibit the NSF from “wasting federal research funding on political science projects.”
10/20/09 11:41pm

Wharton class involves real-world field projects

Some students don’t enter a classroom for class. Instead, they work with the United Nations or design buildings in Abu Dhabi.
10/16/09 3:54am
Every Monday, students operate the United Community Clinic out of the First African Presbyterian Church between 41st and Girard Streets.
10/15/09 1:32am

Statistician addresses racial profiling

In a politically charged discussion, Ridgeway, a senior statistician and the Director of the Safety and Justice research program at RAND, addressed this issue and others in a talk focused on racial profiling.
10/15/09 12:44am

Fels launches new dual-degree program

Beginning this semester, students interested in government administration and environmental studies will be able to integrate both disciplines by enrolling in a new dual degree program.
10/13/09 2:58am

Penn boasts more rigorous study-abroad programs

Higher education experts have called into question the academic value of study abroad. But according to Office of International Programs Executive Director Ann Waters, Penn is ahead of the curve in terms of ensuring the academic rigor of its programs.
10/11/09 9:33pm

Penn Med students prepared for business side of health care

Although nationally, many medical school graduates say they feel inadequately prepared for the business aspects of health care, this doesn’t seem to be the case at Penn.
10/09/09 6:45am

Penn researchers inform health care reform debate

While current health care reform efforts seem distant - with most discussions based in Washington, D.C. - Wharton, the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing are playing a significant role.
10/09/09 2:17am

Abroad enrollment steady despite national decline

Penn students are continuing to go abroad in large numbers, despite trends to the contrary among many American universities. About 23 percent of Penn's junior class goes abroad.
10/07/09 12:40am

Alumnus wins Nobel in physics

George Smith, who graduated from the University in 1955, was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physics Tuesday. He received the award with two fellow researchers.
10/06/09 11:38pm

Pearson plans to release English proficiency exam to rival TOEFL

Since its inception in 1964, the Test of English as a Foreign Language has effectively dominated the English proficiency exam market. However, it may come to face steep competition.
10/06/09 3:26am

Prof: Low life expectancy in U.S. due to history of smoking

Recent research suggests that the United States’ low life expectancy, when compared to that of other developed nations, is not due to problems in the medical system but to the high rates of smoking in the past.
10/06/09 3:14am

New SEAS program integrates engineering and social sciences

The School of Engineering and Applied Science’s new Market and Social Systems Engineering program will integrate systems engineering with the study of social sciences such as economics and finance.
10/06/09 1:43am

Business majors are popular, but perhaps not only for career aspirations

Almost one-quarter of the student body at Penn is pursuing a business or economics major.
10/05/09 3:02am

Law students get more professional

Penn Law’s Center on Professionalism has introduced new programming this fall aimed at assisting first-year students in cultivating professional skills outside the classroom.
10/05/09 1:58am

Research Roundup | Fears of flu? Moods are contagious, too

Penn researchers study gun possession, emotional contagion and balloon-borne telescopes.
10/02/09 2:35am

New study shows link between skin color and sexual injuries

Seven years ago, Marilyn Sommers wondered whether current forensic exams could actually determine whether a woman had consented to sex.
10/02/09 12:51am

SP2 develops new concentration in aging

To address the rapidly growing demand for geriatric social services, the School of Social Policy and Practice has developed a new concentration aimed at equipping students with the skills essential to providing care to older adults.
10/01/09 2:49am

Students weigh in on requirement classes

Introduction to Geology, Astronomy 001: A Survey of the Universe, Ideas in Mathematics — the courses many a Penn student plans to take eventually in order to knock off a requirement or two.