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10/06/09 1:43am

Business majors are popular, but perhaps not only for career aspirations

Almost one-quarter of the student body at Penn is pursuing a business or economics major.
10/05/09 3:02am

Law students get more professional

Penn Law’s Center on Professionalism has introduced new programming this fall aimed at assisting first-year students in cultivating professional skills outside the classroom.
10/05/09 1:58am

Research Roundup | Fears of flu? Moods are contagious, too

Penn researchers study gun possession, emotional contagion and balloon-borne telescopes.
10/02/09 2:35am

New study shows link between skin color and sexual injuries

Seven years ago, Marilyn Sommers wondered whether current forensic exams could actually determine whether a woman had consented to sex.
10/02/09 12:51am

SP2 develops new concentration in aging

To address the rapidly growing demand for geriatric social services, the School of Social Policy and Practice has developed a new concentration aimed at equipping students with the skills essential to providing care to older adults.
10/01/09 2:49am

Students weigh in on requirement classes

Introduction to Geology, Astronomy 001: A Survey of the Universe, Ideas in Mathematics — the courses many a Penn student plans to take eventually in order to knock off a requirement or two.
09/30/09 2:43am

Pete Dexter to speak about journalism at KWH

It took a severe physical beating to convert writer Pete Dexter from newspaper reporting to fiction writing, but he seems to have found his niche.
09/29/09 4:16am
Carlos Ghosn wants students to take the path less traveled.
09/29/09 3:21am
The newly hired undergraduate chairman of Religious Studies is an authority on South Asian religion and history, with an emphasis on Buddhism.
09/28/09 10:54pm

Some classes still pay for field trips to Venice, Puerto Rico

A number of classes at Penn incorporate class trips into their curricula. Funded by a combination of endowments, grants and gifts, professors have said these trips will continue unaffected by recent budget cuts.
09/25/09 4:25am

Computer Engineering major reboots

The School of Engineering and Applied Science has introduced a new, revamped Computer Engineering program this semester.
09/25/09 12:48am

Percentage of female MBAs climbing at Wharton

Since women hold the title of CEO at renowned companies like Yahoo!, PepsiCo and Sunoco, it should be no surprise that the percentage of female MBAs at the Wharton School has been steadily increasing.
09/25/09 12:17am

Dean Meleis talks Nursing School's trials and tribulations

Nursing Dean Afaf Meleis spoke about the state of the Nursing School at the annual State of the School Address in Ann L. Roy Auditorium. She discussed the School's new freshmen and financial-aid plans, as well as the effects of health-care reform and H1N1 on campus.
09/24/09 10:52pm

In 'riskier' study abroad locations, opportunities to learn

While studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain last spring, College senior Madeline Kronovet was not particularly surprised to find herself being mugged at 4 a.m. on her way home from an evening out with friends.
09/24/09 12:48am

Writing seminars strive to become paper-free

In an effort to conserve paper, writing seminars have been becoming progressively more digitized, with students even submitting end-of-course portfolios digitally. But for many students, these efforts hardly make a dent in the amount of paper they end up using.
09/23/09 12:04am

New technology may let patients control objects with their minds

Richard Andersen may have discovered a new technology to help patients with spinal cord injuries manipulate outside objects without using their limbs.
09/21/09 2:31am

Penn libraries now available online

Penn’s libraries are busy making thousands of hard-to-find books and publications available online in a multifaceted effort intended to make rare literature more available to academics at Penn and around the world.
09/21/09 12:55am
At first glance, the children Chad Lassiter mentors seem pretty average - they like going to the park and playing basketball. But they also suffer from separation anxiety, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.
09/17/09 6:13pm

U.S. grad schools see rise in domestic students

In the past year, the enrollment of domestic students in U.S. graduate schools grew faster than that of international students for the first time since 2004.
09/16/09 3:11am
The Arts & the City theme centers around art and culture — both on Penn’s campus and in Philadelphia — and involves a variety of organizations, ranging from the University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology to student groups such as the Penn Art Club and the Center for Public Health Initiatives.