11/06/18 1:14am
The first four-day course will take place in March 2019 and will cost participants $6,500.
10/25/18 5:41am
Gazzaniga is an author of many standard Penn introductory psychology and neuroscience textbooks.
10/25/18 12:08am
Penn's student focus group explored levels of frustration with racism and discrimination, the role of democracy and human rights in U.S. foreign policy, and the depolarization of political parties.
10/24/18 11:20pm
The study was conducted on 227 pairs of identical twins. The twin subjected to less warmth at home was more likely to exhibit callous-unemotional (CU) traits.
10/21/18 10:33pm
So far, the school has held two trainings for Penn Dental affiliates and will continue to hold more until all students and staff can attend.
10/18/18 2:03am
The Writing Center is moving from its home of 15 years at 3808 Walnut St. to the first and fourth floors of the McNeil Building on 3718 Locust Walk.
10/18/18 12:14am
Are you a student in the College looking to get more bang for your buck in your spring 2019 course load? Here's a list of all the classes next semester that will let you "double-count."
10/16/18 10:48pm
The inception of the course taught by acclaimed English professor Jay Kirk marks the birth of Xfic, Penn’s premier literary journal in experimental nonfiction.  
10/16/18 1:03am
Each fellow is awarded with $625,000 to spend as they wish over the course of five years. 
10/14/18 4:53am
The program currently employs four global guides — three from Iraq and one from Syria.
10/12/18 3:57am
History professor Kathy Peiss chronicled the paths of different pieces of literature tied to the Nazi regime after the end of World War II. 
10/12/18 2:29am
The Wharton finance professor was nominated by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon at a joint press conference earlier this week.
10/02/18 1:00pm
The donation from 1984 Wharton graduate Marc J. Rowan and Carolyn Rowan surpassed Huntsman's $40 million, which had been the largest single contribution to Wharton for 20 years.
10/01/18 4:42am
Before introducing the term 'highly–aided,' SFS identified these students as 'high–need.” Many didn't know, however, whether they qualified, in part because SFS did not publicly disclose the specific qualifications for a high–need student. 
10/01/18 3:30am
Wax explained her perspective in an digital talk with Brown University professor Glenn Loury as a part of his online discussion series, "The Glenn Show."
10/01/18 1:59am
Nursing students must spend 12-16 hours per week over the course of five semesters working at clinical sites scattered throughout the Philadelphia area.
09/29/18 8:25pm
In early September, 1983 Wharton graduate Marc J. Leder donated $2 million to the Behavior Change for Good Initiative, which started two years ago. 
09/29/18 7:20pm
The program is also being implemented by universities in a total of five states. In Pennsylvania, Penn is joined by two other schools: West Chester University and Duquesne University.
09/28/18 1:55am
Wharton MBA graduates are leading HUNGRY and LocalStove, two companies which recently merged to help connect corporate offices’ to high-quality catering from local chefs. 
09/28/18 12:57am
The film professor plans to extend the center’s outreach to include more academic disciplines and underrepresented student groups.