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10/03/19 10:15pm
Some PORES fellows in past years have had the opportunity to visit NBC News on election night, making predictions and crunching data at the decision desk. 
10/02/19 10:49pm
Students critiqued the University's decision to rename the school after Weitzman, a fashion icon and 1963 Wharton graduate, because his profession as a designer is not related to any academic program offered at Penn.
10/02/19 8:52pm
The museum will fully re-open to Penn students on Nov. 13, and to the general public on Nov. 16, with redesigned galleries and a refurbished main entrance and auditorium.
10/02/19 8:13pm
Suma, known for young adult novels like "A Room Away from the Wolves" and "The Walls Around Us," is teaching at Penn for one semester through the Creative Writing program. 
10/02/19 10:55am
The film is an adaptation of Northwestern University professor E. Patrick Johnson's book, "Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South." The documentary explores the lives of Johnson and six other gay black men whose stories were originally told in Johnson's work. 
10/01/19 10:05pm
PATH will have an app that allows students to plan their four-year academic path at Penn on worksheets. 
09/29/19 8:53pm
Wilson will receive a $625,000 stipend paid in quarterly installments over five years by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
09/29/19 6:59pm
Students in the class analyze political cartoons and videos to explore a satirist’s role in society, both politically and culturally.
09/29/19 6:15pm
Beginning Nov. 12, students in the program will attend classes on Penn's campus three times a week during evenings and weekends, a 10-hour weekly commitment. 
09/22/19 9:04pm
The current political and social unrest in Hong Kong began in June, when people took to the streets to oppose the introduction of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance amendment bill, which would allow local authorities to detain and extradite citizens of Hong Kong to mainland China. 
09/20/19 12:17am
The syllabus includes anime and manga from a range of genres, including the popular anime film "Your Name" and "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind." 
09/15/19 11:03pm

Wharton introduces new Academically Based Community Service course

Social Impact and Responsibility is a seminar-style class that explores the role business can play in eradicating societal issues on both local and global levels. 
09/11/19 9:56pm
For over two decades, Penn Press has been led by Eric Halpern, who took the position in 1995. Francis, who will succeed Halpern on Sept. 23, will be the press’s 13th director. 
09/11/19 9:24pm
The renovated basement, which suffered from several broken electrical outlets, now has a rewired electrical system and fully functioning outlets. 
09/11/19 8:59pm
Previously, Penn Global Seminar courses were only courses that did not require prerequisites.
09/10/19 9:31pm
Penn has been ranked number eight for the past three years. Now, the University shares the No. 6 spot with Stanford University and the University of Chicago. 
09/08/19 7:58pm
Anthropology professor and Undergraduate Chair Katherine Moore said the new concentration was created because of interest from students and faculty in past years, amid the growing benefit of studying anthropology through an environmental lens.
09/04/19 11:36pm
“I was really appalled that we even had a professor [at] this University making such derogatory comments,” said Nancy Ibrahim, vice president of the Muslim Students' Association and a College junior. 
09/03/19 9:14pm
The University announced the creation of a new undergraduate program in fine arts and design in late August, which offers the new design major and a revamped fine arts major for students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.
09/02/19 6:53pm
“The opioid crisis is a catastrophe for the country, which many people have suffered and lost their lives,” said Henry Kranzler, director of the Center for Studies of Addiction at the Perelman School of Medicine.