04/13/17 3:08am
“If we think about our lives without music or movies or art or literature in any way, what kind of a hit will our well-being take? We don’t have way yet to quantify that," religious studies professor James Pawelski said. 
04/13/17 2:34am
In the press release, Legend said he was “thrilled” to work with Penn on “critical issues” that the US criminal justice system faces.
04/13/17 2:23am
After two years in the accounting Ph.D. program, Paul is clearer about the benefits and detriments of going immediately into a Ph.D. program — as she did — versus starting out in the working world.
04/13/17 1:10am
“Everything we can do to make the voting experience more trustworthy and more efficient is a step towards ensuring higher participation in our democratic processes,” student author and Wharton MBA student Michael Windle said.
04/12/17 1:01am
It is no secret that interest in computer science is skyrocketing. At Penn, the Computer Science and Information Sciences department is working to create a “richer selection” of courses that will appeal to students of all backgrounds. 
04/04/17 3:01am
“The goal of the Center is to connect three different groups of stakeholders: the industry people, the students and the faculty,” Baker Retailing Center Director Barbara Kahn said.
04/02/17 11:43pm
The Kelly Writers House held its annual Marathon Reading program on Thursday, where students and faculty took turns reading out loud from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy series.
04/02/17 9:19pm
Each couple was given 20 dollars and the objective of splitting the money between them in only one way: One person would get 15 while the other would get only five.
03/29/17 2:09am
Each week, the class will spend 4 1/2 hours reading a book in silence before eating dinner they cook for one another.
03/28/17 7:33pm
The program will enable students to enter the workforce for two to four years knowing they will be able to return to Wharton to pursue an MBA.
03/23/17 11:51pm
Harvard Law school recently announced they will allow students to submit the GRE in place of the LSAT, but some Penn Law students don't think Penn should do the same.
03/23/17 12:30am
“They wanted people who had more knowledge of mechanical engineering,” Wharton and Engineering freshman George Pandya said. “I was able to get some experience with developing mechanical tools before I came here and that really helped me get the position when I applied.”
03/22/17 12:18am
Students had the task of crafting a strategy to spark interest in Japanese society back at Penn.
03/21/17 6:09pm
Grant, who is the youngest-tenured professor at the Wharton School, has been recognized as Wharton's highest-rated professor for the past five years.
03/21/17 3:31am
Based on calculations that include winter break, spring break, thanksgiving break, reading days and all long weekends for the 2016-2017 academic calendar, Penn gives students 34 days off for the year — that is shorter than Dartmouth, Cornell and Brown's winter breaks. 
03/21/17 2:53am
“It was very different from Management 100 where we spent hours upon hours outside of class with our teammates,” Warner said.
03/20/17 5:59pm
The feature combines all of the scores of selected courses into a single number for each ratings category.
03/20/17 1:16am
Kelly purposefully tries to encourage a relaxing learning experience in order to minimize the stress of his students.
03/20/17 12:31am
Fulfilling your college requirements can be tough. Consider taking a class that double counts to take some strain off.
03/20/17 12:18am
“It was extra weird since we didn’t have class during spring break or this week, so it just seems like a very long time to not have class,” Trubowitsch said.