08/23/17 11:30am
According to education site College Factual, the top five undergraduate majors come from the College, Nursing and Wharton. 
08/23/17 11:00am
Some students don't mind homework over the summer if it lightens the workload during the semester. 
11/13/18 2:19am
Powell also served as director of the initiative, which focused mainly on increasing the number and diversity of languages, specifically those of Indigenous communities, offered at Penn.
06/12/18 4:08am
Emily R. Sutcliffe, a graduate student who is earning her Ph.D. in Anthropology at Penn, was hired for the position. 
08/03/17 1:43am
About half the students received full financial scholarships for the program made possible by 1962 College graduate and famous talk-show host Maury Povich. 
07/25/17 4:19pm
Princeton University had the lowest score — 48.3 percent lower than the Ivy League average — according to the report from
07/19/17 6:30pm
You might have seen fifth-year Ph.D student Alex Burka walking around campus with his “Proton Pack” — a large orange backpack equipped with sensors that collect information from various surfaces. This is why. 
07/18/17 5:59pm
Lauren Sallan, the Martin Meyerson assistant professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, is on the front lines of studying the causes of extinction-level events. 
07/17/17 8:55pm
Plans for the grant include: renovating exhibition spaces and Harrison Auditorium, as well as rethinking public programming. 
07/05/17 3:28am
Throughout the ten-week program, participants interact with various business leaders such as the CEO of Google Israel Meir Brand and the general manager for Uber Israel Yoni Greifman. 
07/05/17 3:04am
Kelly Writers House Faculty Director Al Filreis, who has been teaching the selective seminar since it started in 1999, predicts that the class featuring the 2018 fellows will be “outrageously good."
06/30/17 2:22am
The writing requirement is notorious for being dreaded by students, but there are a few courses that have shown to be the exception.
06/21/17 6:58pm
“I learned about game theory in ECON 10 [in Wharton] and in NETS 112 [in Engineering] from different perspectives and for different applications,” Engineering and Wharton freshman EJ Murphy said. “It painted a far more vivid picture.”
06/19/17 11:00pm
As part of Women and Incarceration (GSWS555), which will be offered by the Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies department, students will visit and speak to staff and inmates at the Philadelphia Women’s Jail. 
06/16/17 2:26am
Though their undergraduate schools may differ, many seniors cite the same qualities when discussing their favorite classes.
06/13/17 3:57am
Irene Hurford, who works as an assistant professor of psychiatry, is one of five recipients nationwide to be awarded the 2017 Exemplary Psychiatrist Award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
05/31/17 1:28pm
At Northwestern, Dr. Kording works to build an online presence for his research. His lab has a blog and a twitter account (@KordingLab) which regularly posts memes related to his research. Dr. Kording has also participated in a Reddit AMA, or “Ask Me Anything,” about one of his recent papers.
05/31/17 12:48am
“I can’t really go anywhere,” said College sophomore Jackson Baker, who has been sleeping on different couches for 11 days and bringing his overnight bags with him to the first week of classes. 
05/30/17 7:20pm
A group of over 1,000 graduate students, who call themselves GET-UP, an acronym for Graduate Employees Together — University of Pennsylvania, have been working toward this since they made their movement public in March.
05/30/17 2:50am
The appointment of Robert Vonderheide coincides with other major developments in cancer research at Penn, including news of Joe Biden's "Cancer Moonshot" initiative.