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03/18/19 9:40pm
The initiative, now in its second year, helps students from underrepresented backgrounds earn a master's degree and prepare for fast-track admission to Penn’s mathematics Ph.D. program.
03/17/19 11:32pm
On Feb. 27, four students sent a petition to Penn administrators calling for solutions to the frequent ceiling leakages and pest infestations in the building.
03/17/19 9:31pm
Leprosy is an infectious disease that starts out as bacterial infection and affects the skin and the nerves. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 150 to 250 cases are reported in the United States each year.
03/15/19 2:54am
The program’s courses will be interdisciplinary and aim to teach students to become engaged citizens. 
03/01/19 2:01am
The letter, which was sent to Vice Dean for Finance and Administration Matthew Lane Wednesday, petitions Penn to resolve the persistent maintenance issues that students and faculty working in DRL have faced for years.
02/27/19 8:49pm
Business and education leaders stressed the importance of expanding education so more people can learn to use data analytics and become involved in the future economy. 
02/26/19 10:34pm
Students are currently able to major in mathematical economics, which has a significantly heavier mathematics course load and is four course units more than the traditional major. 
02/24/19 10:35pm
While SRFS scrapped their efforts to improve accessibility to work-study jobs, students continue to criticize the process of finding these positions.
02/20/19 1:43am
The system will be especially helpful for veterans who were exposed to burn pits, a common occurrence in overseas bases.
02/17/19 9:22pm
The influential poet recently won the Bollingen Prize, one of the highest awards for an American poet, for his book of "Near/Miss."
02/17/19 9:19pm
There are currently three videos in the series, all about five minutes long, which feature Hawk and Porter analyzing the Penn manuscripts in front of a green screen with Star Wars backgrounds.
02/17/19 5:41pm
The Lean Library Access browser extension allows students to access materials directly through an online search instead of through the Penn Libraries website.
02/12/19 11:31pm
The program aims to teach how to design structures that account for the instability presented by climate change, addressing issues such as major storms and sea level rise.  
02/12/19 10:39pm
Penn Medicine officials said the design plan will now allow for quicker room conversion, more greeting space for visitors, and patients will be able to change room conditions with new technology.
02/12/19 12:06am
Students have been able to meet foreign leaders, attend conferences in other cities, and participate in realistic policy-making simulations. 
02/06/19 10:37pm
Every week, students receive an assignment such as "make the private, public" and complete it by creating a written installation anywhere except for on a page. 
02/05/19 11:09pm
“When there are larger social safety nets in place … like health care, education childcare, and job protected maternity leaves, women do not have to marry for money,” Ghodsee said. “They can actually choose their partners based on who they like rather than who will pay their rent.”
02/01/19 1:17am
Each week, students and professors discuss a different topic connected to cultural diversity, ranging from race, class, and privilege to disability, immigration, and globalization. 
01/28/19 11:23pm
Once constructed, one of the paths will run north-south from Alaska to Patagonia and another will run east-west from Indonesia to Morocco.
01/27/19 10:09pm
Experts say the more opioids that are prescribed, whether for animals or humans, the greater the risk of abuse.