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Remembering the times when the NCAA Tournament came to the Palestra

(11/05/20 3:11am)

The Palestra holds a number of impressive distinctions in the context of college basketball and collegiate sports history: it’s the oldest major college arena still in use today, and it’s hosted more college basketball games, visiting teams, and (excluding Dayton's UD Arena) NCAA Tournaments than any other arena in the country.

Editorial | Penn students must support this week's Scholar Strike

(11/03/20 3:20am)

This Tuesday, Penn students, faculty, and employees, along with tens of millions of other Americans, will cast their votes in what is arguably the most important presidential election of our lifetimes. Despite this monumental civic moment, Penn has refused to suspend University operations, despite widespread calls to do so. 

Editorial | In light of Acme's opening, Penn must do more to address food insecurity

(10/22/20 7:37pm)

This Friday at 6 a.m, Acme Markets will open at 40th and Walnut, replacing The Fresh Grocer after a six month transitionary period. The opening of an additional culinary option on campus will likely come to the relief of many in the Penn community, who have lacked easy access to a grocery store for months on end.

Matthew Liu | Doing well by doing good. Something every Penn student needs to know isn’t real

(10/27/20 1:01am)

Ask any Penn student what they want to do with their life. Ask them to explain why. In either their answer or explanation, probably nine out of 10 students will say something along the lines of “I want to change the world.” That overblown cliche has evolved into a mantra that many Penn students live by, and one I’ve heard President Gutmann use multiple times. That mantra is “doing well by doing good.” “Doing well by doing good” means doing things that are perceived to be good for the world or the local community while also benefiting oneself; today’s most common model is making billions of dollars from a tech startup and then starting a charity. 

Matthew Liu | Why STEM students should support Biden

(10/27/20 2:33am)

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and college kids finding reasons not to vote. Aside from the utter inconvenience it is to vote in the United States in a normal year, let alone in a pandemic, young people have also been fed up with the two-party system consistently spewing out candidates who on the surface may contrast and spar, but fundamentally still carry out ineffective politics. This year, to many young people, it appears to be more of the same. 

Editorial | Penn students should do more to support local businesses

(10/16/20 6:18pm)

The news that longtime campus staple Magic Carpet Foods has been forced to rely on donations for survival may come as a disappointment for many in the Penn community. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily surprising — the COVID-19 pandemic has caused substantial financial challenges, with small businesses losing 20% of their revenue and many being forced to close down entirely. 

Editorial | Polling places need volunteers. Penn students, it’s time to step up.

(10/08/20 12:39am)

In an unprecedented election year, with critical contests up and down the ballot, preserving our democracy’s integrity is more important than ever. With the COVID-19 pandemic, however, municipalities across the country are facing a poll worker shortage. Many regular poll workers, who tend to be older than the population at large – a majority being over the age of 60 – are choosing to sit this election out due to their added risk for complications from COVID-19. 

Editorial | Instead of one long spring break, Penn should have two short ones

(10/05/20 1:51am)

This past Thursday, the University announced major changes to the spring 2021 calendar, postponing the start of the semester and reducing spring break to a two day, mid-week break to reduce student travel. Many students slammed Penn’s decision in the immediate aftermath, with over 100 students signing a petition urging Penn to reconsider. The petition cited concerns surrounding both mental and physical health as reasons to reinstate a full spring break.

Editorial | Professors, give students the break that Penn won’t. Cancel class next week.

(09/30/20 2:52am)

This semester, Penn students are facing a learning experience which is far from typical. One of the larger changes is the lack of a fall break, typically held in early October. After Penn's announcement that the fall semester would be conducted remotely, more than 700 students signed a petition calling on the University to reinstate fall break, which had previously been canceled in June. Penn, however, has stood by its decision, citing a desire to limit student travel and a possible resulting spread of COVID-19.