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Penn graduate says Robert Kurzban had relationship with her while he was her minor advisor

(04/26/18 12:46am)

Robert Kurzban, a longtime Penn professor, had a romantic relationship with an undergraduate female student who was one of his advisees in the Psychology Department, said the student involved and three of her friends. Text message exchanges provided to The Daily Pennsylvanian confirm several incidents in the alleged relationship, which happened over January 2016.

Penn professor had sexual relationship with his student in apparent violation of U. policy

(04/12/18 1:36am)

The former Undergraduate Chair of the Psychology Department Robert Kurzban had a sexual relationship with an undergraduate female student while he was her instructor, according to three sources close to the student. Kurzban’s alleged behavior directly violates University policy, which has stated since 1995 that sexual relations between teachers and students are prohibited "during the period of the teacher-student relationship." 

Fifth-year students aren't covered by Penn's 'all-grant' financial aid policy, causing confusion and panic

(07/24/17 9:08pm)

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