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School is on Schedule

(11/21/00 10:00am)

School is on schedule To the Editor: I am happy to report that construction of the Penn-assisted pre-K-8 school in University City is not "plagued by delays," contrary to the story that ran yesterday ("Delays plague pre-K-8 school," The Daily Pennsylvanian, 11/21/00). The project is moving steadily ahead, and groundbreaking is not far off. There is no change in the plan to enroll several initial sections of kindergarten and first grade next fall, and we eagerly look forward to the school opening its doors. Stephen Schutt Vice President and Chief of Staff Let's be realistic here To the Editor: Michael Bassik must think the University of Pennsylvania Police Department is one lovey-dovey place ("UPPD really a melting pot," DP, 11/21/00). I just want to know how he came to the conclusion that racism cannot possibly exist in our esteemed police force. I suppose all those UA meetings with the brass proposing new focus groups is proof these folks are beyond reproach. And those minority officers who say the chief is nothing but wonderful? I guess that's tough to do when your name and picture are printed. The fact that minority officers are thrown out onto the streets after complaining about unfair treatment must mean they weren't happy to have their jobs to begin with. And all those lawsuits the University settled out of court? Well, we can't possibly allow a bunch of rogue wannabe cops drag Penn's good name into the mud.

The rule of law prevails

(11/17/00 10:00am)

To the Editor: I am not embarrassed by the way our country is handling the close presidential election, in a relative sense at least. It may be ironically typical of our country that the situation has resulted in a legal battle. But compare this with the recent opposition in Egypt to the results of their election. There were several murders there as a result of displeasure with the results. The worst we have here is at most a few months of waiting and a lot of arguing and debating.