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Editorial | It’s time for Penn to pay PILOTs

(10/03/19 1:06am)

Penn has been a part of the city of Philadelphia for several centuries. The University has played a fundamental role in the growth and evolution of the city, both because of the longevity of its existence and the outsize role that Penn’s money and prestige allows it to play in the community. But Penn’s actions have hurt the rest of Philadelphia, particularly through rampant gentrification. 

Editorial | Dean Furda’s viral video shows us that it’s cool to care

(09/30/19 12:05am)

Penn Dean of Admissions Eric Furda went viral for his impassioned screaming at a nationally televised Eagles game last weekend. Furda’s enthusiasm stimulated a lot of conversation on and off Penn’s campus. In addition to the mass quantity of memes circulating the internet, the video of Furda was featured on Stephen Colbert’s late-night show. But there is something beyond poking fun at Furda that we can glean from his wild zeal.

Editorial | Penn needs to enforce the ban on exams during religious holidays

(09/26/19 2:42am)

The Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are approaching, and scheduling examinations on days of religious or secular observance is explicitly prohibited by Penn policy. But that policy is not always enforced, leading some professors to schedule examinations and major assignments on days when observant students will not be present. 

Editorial | Include Greek houses in the Second-Year Experience

(09/19/19 1:52am)

On-campus Greek houses will not be open to sophomores under Penn's new housing policy requiring second-year students to live on campus. While the University claims this decision was made to foster a sense of community and create a support system for second-year students, it is disrupting Greek communities that already strive to achieve these goals and putting the future of the Greek community at risk. Penn ought to reconsider its decision to bar sophomores from living in on-campus Greek houses.

Editorial | Lauder College House highlights a flawed admissions process

(09/09/19 5:18am)

Last week, New College House was renamed Lauder College House at a ceremony featuring Penn President Amy Gutmann and members of the Lauder family. The family, which contains generations of Penn students and alumni and includes Estée Lauder of the popular cosmetic brand, is a large and frequent contributor to the University. Several members of the Lauder family have been trustees, and the family’s name is attached to the Lauder Institute along with the building which houses it.

Editorial | Penn, don’t turn your back on students suffering from addiction

(09/05/19 4:26am)

Keeping up appearances is a big part of student life at Penn. It often seem as though both Penn’s administration and large swaths of the student body would rather keep those struggling at Penn hidden, so as not to disrupt the perfect, brochure-ready facade presented by this Ivy League institution. The fact remains that Penn students suffer from many of the same issues the rest of society does, including substance abuse and addiction to opiates.

Editorial | Stop complaining about New College House West construction

(09/03/19 12:48am)

Students living on campus have been displeased by the noise from New College House West’s construction in recent weeks. They cite problems including being woken up due to early start times, the sounds from the unloading of equipment, and the fact that they may have to close their windows to deal with the noise outside. The needs of Penn students shouldn't come before those of the wider Philadelphia community — particularly the people who work long hours and are integral to the functioning of the University, like construction workers. This also risks the further labelling of the community as entitled and out of touch to the rest of the city.

Editorial | Don't pack the Penn scene when you study abroad

(08/29/19 1:13am)

In the next few weeks, many Penn students will be boarding planes and setting off for a semester or more at a university in another country. While study abroad offers students a unique opportunity to live in new parts of the world, students who are leaving soon for unfamiliar places should make sure that they take advantage of the chance to engage with the people that live in these countries, rather than only sticking with fellow Penn students.

Editorial | Don't donate to the Penn Fund

(08/26/19 11:37pm)

Seniors woke up yesterday to an email that generations of Penn alumni have seen in one form or another: a plea from the Penn Fund for Penn seniors to contribute. Although their entreaty is framed with noble intentions to “immediately and directly [impact] the undergraduate student experience,'' the reality is that if seniors want to do something good with their often limited resources, they shouldn’t donate to the Penn Fund.

Editorial | Penn professors, make syllabi accessible before classes start

(08/22/19 9:47pm)

Many Penn professors hit the ground running when students return to campus for the new semester with rigorous homework assignments and in-class activities. While it’s reasonable to expect students and professors to try and make the most of the time they have for classes, if Penn wants to give students a serious chance to be prepared to hit the ground running, syllabi must be accessible prior to the start of classes. 

Editorial | New students, you're about to get a lot of unsolicited advice. Don't listen.

(08/21/19 2:22am)

Somewhere in between when you received your acceptance letter and the trek to campus for move-in, you probably cultivated high expectations for your first year at Penn. You might have fantasized about newly-gained freedom, attending parties, making friends from your hall, getting dressed up in Penn gear for the homecoming game, and joining clubs. But freshman year is just as hard as it is exciting, and there are plenty of upperclassmen and professors that will give you unsolicited advice about how to make the most of your time here. 

Live Blog: Penn men's and women's lacrosse in the Ivy League Tournament Finals

(05/05/19 3:25pm)

After a pair of wins in the semifinals on Friday, Penn men's and women's lacrosse are back in action on Sunday in the finals of the Ivy League Tournament in New York City. The men are looking to clinch their second win of the year over defending national champions Yale, while the women are seeking revenge for their second Ivy loss after downing Dartmouth two days ago.

Live blog: Penn men's and women's lacrosse at the Ivy League Tournament

(05/03/19 6:01pm)

Penn men's and women's lacrosse are in New York City this weekend for the Ivy League Tournament. As the No. 3 seed, the women will look for revenge against No. 2 Dartmouth, who were 15-11 winners over the Quakers on April 13. The top-seeded men will take on No. 4 Brown at 6 p.m., with both teams seeking spots in the championship on Sunday.

Editorial | Penn students deserve more Reading Days

(05/02/19 2:56am)

If you have a pulse and have spent any time on Penn’s campus in the last week, you have definitely begun to think about finals. Whether you are holed up writing page after page of a final paper or painstakingly reviewing slides and notes before an exam, stress levels on campus are high. The fact that Penn only allows a short turnaround period between the end of classes and the beginning of finals doesn’t help. In order to promote student mental health and happiness as the semester wraps up, Penn should extend the Reading Day period for future semesters.

Editorial | The 2019 Report on Diversity at The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc.

(04/29/19 2:04am)

The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc. has a duty to report on the Penn community accurately and responsibly. To do this, the DP must have a staff and board that represent people from a variety of backgrounds. As one of the largest organizations on campus, we want to build an environment where everyone feels comfortable.