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Editorial | How Penn dealt with winter storm Jonas

(01/28/16 5:05am)

What is there to say about Winter Storm Jonas? Not very much on our campus. To go by the vista offered by High Rise Field on Saturday morning, no student could be rebuked for thinking we’d get to February before attending class again. And yet, in a flurry of activity, the hardy men and women of Facilities and Real Estate Services undid the weather’s work — by Monday morning, you could have walked down Locust Walk in flip flops without any trouble. We salute their efforts in keeping us high and dry.

Editorial | Penn's response to Kenny Jones

(01/25/16 3:09am)

Earlier this week, Kenny Jones — a former administrator in the Office for Fraternity and Sorority Life — was found to have misrepresented his academic credentials on multiple occasions. In past blog posts, presentations and other job-related documents, Jones had claimed to have earned a Ph.D. from Morgan State University this past March and spoke of his time as a member of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity at Jackson State University. 

Editorial | Cheers and jeers for 2015

(12/08/15 5:33am)

This year was a historic one, both at Penn and across the country. Following the unjust decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases late last year, the Black Lives Matter movement has brought racial inequality to the forefront of current debates in the United States. Attacks in Paris — first Charlie Hebdo in January, then the Bataclan massacre in November — shocked the world, while daily attacks in Beirut, Lebanon, and Nigeria and Syria and elsewhere, along with floods in Japan and other natural disasters, barely went noticed by the global community.

Residential Services' lack of concern is concerning

(11/19/15 5:47am)

This week, a four-part series in The Daily Pennsylvanian exposed the concerning state of housing facilities across campus. Besides drawing attention to the run-down and, quite frankly, unsafe conditions that 54 percent of students live in, the series highlighted another equally troubling phenomenon: Facilities and Real Estate Services’ widespread lack of concern for people, including students and workers.

Editorial | It's on us to talk about sexual assault in College Houses

(11/12/15 4:40am)

Sexual assault is a problem at Penn that has recently been on everyone’s mind, especially after nearly a third of female undergraduates reported having been sexually assaulted. The issue is even more prevalent on campus this week in light of the ”It’s On Us” campaign, a national action week devoted to preventing sexual assault.

Editorial | Why Penn's new rent prices are bad

(11/03/15 6:24am)

It’s no surprise when Penn increases the cost of being a student every year. In February, the University typically announces a tuition increase, then spins it as only raising the tuition by less than 4 percent. The Trustees typically raise housing and dining prices, too, generally around when students start thinking about where they’ll be living the following year.

Editorial | Thinking through TFA

(10/22/15 3:45am)

There aren’t many surprises in Career Services’ annual compilation of Penn undergraduates’ top employers. The University itself tops the list, followed closely by the typical list of banks and consulting firms — Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, the Boston Consulting Group, etc. One employer in particular, however, stands out from the overwhelmingly corporate list: Teach For America clocks in at number four, having hired 24 people from Penn’s 2014 senior class.