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Editorial by the Daily Pennsylvanian Opinion Board | In response to university responses

(12/08/16 2:38am)

This semester has been tumultuous. Regardless of whether you personally were affected by current events — the election, Black Lives Matter, sexual assault — those around you were. In response to many of these events, the administration sent numerous emails to the student body, either in lieu of tangible action or to inform students of the actions they are taking.

Editorial | Making change in Trump's America

(11/21/16 3:16am)

To foster a culture of productive dialogue among diverse voices on this campus, we must respect all opinions and be careful not to perpetuate the hate that has unfortunately penetrated this campus and the country at large this past week. However, while those who support President-elect Donald Trump on this campus should not be shamed or name-called into silence, they must also step back and consider the implications of the rhetoric they use and the actions they take to articulate this support.

Editorial | How Penn can respond to the presidential election

(11/10/16 4:21am)

Since 7:30 last night, many Penn students, faculty, administrators and alumni were glued to their screens, the election feverishly playing in front of them. As the votes came in, many watched in dismay as Donald Trump’s chances at becoming president increased. Until last night, this outcome was unexpected. Hillary Clinton was forecasted to win — or at least to go neck-and-neck with Trump — but as of midnight, Trump had an 84 percent chance of winning according to FiveThirtyEight, and in the wee hours of the morning, the election was called.

Editorial | Papers of Trump and Clinton's alma maters endorse Hillary Clinton for President

(10/19/16 1:11am)

In crafting the personas of the presidential candidates, media outlets have emphasized the role higher education has played in the development of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The relationship between the presidential candidates and their respective undergraduate institutions has, in turn, motivated discussions among students at Wellesley and the University of Pennsylvania. In its last edition, the Wellesley News endorsed Clinton and appraised her relationship to the college. Meanwhile, as the newspaper of Donald Trump’s undergraduate institution, The Daily Pennsylvanian Opinion Board has a responsibility to discuss its relationship — or lack thereof — with the candidate and his values.

Editorial by The Daily Pennsylvanian Opinion Board | Reforming the UPenn Alert System

(09/22/16 2:14am)

If it took you a while to learn about the shooting near campus on Friday night, you might have been clued in by the whirr of the helicopter blades or by The Daily Pennsylvanian’s news updates, or even by the email sent the following day by the administration. But we wouldn’t fault you for not knowing about the event, because no UPennAlert was sent to the student body.

Editorial | Our Presidential Primary Endorsements

(03/15/16 3:55am)

With the Pennsylvania primaries fast approaching, as well as those of many other relevant states, The Daily Pennsylvanian’s Opinion Board is endorsing candidates for the presidential primaries, as we have in past elections. We are choosing a candidate for both parties, and these selections reflect the choices of the Opinion Board and not the publication as a whole.

Editorial | Regarding the length of break

(03/03/16 5:11am)

The spring semester may only be at its halfway point, but Penn has set the calendar for the next academic year. For the Council of Deans, establishing the calendar so far in advance is standard operating procedure. Each year, the undergraduate deans assemble and prepare a calendar that they then propose to the Office of the Provost for approval, while taking students’ opinions into account during the process. The process is refreshingly multifaceted, and the potential calendar goes through multiple stages before being approved.

Editorial | The definition of safety

(02/25/16 4:36am)

On Feb. 23, a man in possession of a machete and a stolen ID card was arrested in Van Pelt library. He was trailed into the library by a Penn employee and apprehended by Penn Police within the span of 16 minutes. While 16 minutes might seem long to anyone witnessing the event, the arrest was fairly quick, and some students in the library were unaware of what had happened until the situation had passed.

Editorial | Caitlyn Jenner’s talk was a step towards creating conversation

(02/18/16 5:15am)

Yesterday, Penn welcomed Caitlyn Jenner as the Social Planning and Events Committee Connaissance spring speaker and QPenn’s keynote speaker. The moderator was 1972 College graduate and Daily Pennsylvanian alumnus Buzz Bissinger, who wrote the Vanity Fair story announcing Jenner’s transition. With ticket lines stretching down Locust Walk, it was clear that the student body was definitely interested in hearing what she had to say.