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Editorial | Forced drinking threatens pledges’ lives — and the future of Greek life

(01/22/18 11:00am)

Nearly a year ago, 19-year-old Timothy Piazza died of a traumatic brain injury after participating in an initiation ritual during Beta Theta Pi pledging at Penn State University. A video showed Piazza falling down a flight of stairs after he was given at least 18 drinks in 82 minutes.

Editorial | Penn should give a free semester to students affected by Hurricane Maria

(11/13/17 4:32am)

In the wake of Hurricane Maria’s horrific effects in Puerto Rico, Brown University announced on Oct. 22 that it will enroll up to 50 students from the University of Puerto Rico so that they can continue their studies. As part of this program, the exchange students will not be charged a penny in tuition or fees, with Brown assisting the students with additional travel and housing costs. 

Editorial | Penn administrators are finally asking students for feedback — let’s answer

(10/26/17 3:50am)

On Oct. 11, Penn President Amy Gutmann and Provost Wendell Pritchett emailed undergraduate students “The Penn PULSE Survey,” with a stated objective to provide “an opportunity for you to provide confidential feedback about your own experiences and activities here at Penn.” The survey, which has since been emailed out by a variety of University offices, includes questions about sexual violence, experiences of bias, the availability of resources and other components of campus culture.

Editorial | Moving toward a more transparent alert system

(10/18/17 11:50pm)

Around 2:40 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 21, College sophomore Sabrina Palacios and her two roommates encountered a man indecently exposing himself outside their apartment near 39th and Delancey streets. They reported the incident to the Penn Police Department and the Philadelphia Police Department, but, despite the man’s criminal record, which included convictions for sexual assault, a police officer discouraged Palacios and her roommates from filing a report because it would, according to Palacios and her roommate College sophomore Lily Balla, “get swept under the rug.”

Editorial | The task force recommendations leave us skeptical, but hopeful

(04/19/17 10:20pm)

Today, the Task Force on a Safe and Responsible Campus Community released a list of recommendations intended to “foster a campus climate and culture that is free of sexual harassment and sexual violence, alcohol and other substance abuse, and other forms of behavior that may violate Penn’s Code of Student Conduct.”

Editorial | We shouldn't need to say it — but free speech matters

(04/19/17 3:03am)

At Penn, it is not particularly dangerous to be a journalist. We, the staff of Penn’s student newspaper, are grateful for that. We are grateful that our opinion columnists may assume that if they air an unpopular or controversial viewpoint, they will not be physically assaulted. We are grateful that, when our reporters publish unflattering truths, they are not threatened with sanction or harm.

Editorial | What potential Quakers need to know

(04/03/17 2:03am)

Last week, more than two thousand applicants around the world received the news that they had been accepted for enrollment at the University of Pennsylvania. If you are one of the few thousand applicants that were accepted, we at The Daily Pennsylvanian congratulate you. The moment we opened our emails and heard “The Red and the Blue” was one of the most exciting of our lives, so enjoy it to the fullest.

Guest Statement by 53 Penn Faculty Members | Statement of faculty support for GET-UP efforts

(03/15/17 2:00am)

As faculty members of the University of Pennsylvania, we welcome efforts being made by GET-UP to unionize the graduate student workers in our university. We believe that graduate students have the right to unionize, a right confirmed by the National Labor Relations Board. GET-UP has been active in organizing a union for over a decade now, and while their earlier effort was stymied by the then NLRB, recent NLRB rulings have allowed them to revive their mobilizing drive.

Editorial | Penn Medicine's choice of 'ambassador' shows a lapse in judgment

(02/22/17 4:06am)

Next Tuesday, Irvine Auditorium will host a panel forum entitled “A Formidable Foe: Cancer in the 21st Century” as part of its David and Lyn Silfen University Forum series. While the forum will notably feature Penn President Amy Gutmann and former Vice President Joe Biden, one of the other panelists has stolen some of the spotlight by virtue of being embroiled in a lawsuit over discrimination against an Iraqi family.