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Persistent discrepancies in academic advising prompt renewed interest in improving the system

(11/09/17 1:56am)

In 2014, nearly half of Penn students indicated in a survey that they were dissatisfied with pre-major advising and close to a third indicated that they were dissatisfied with their major advisors. The results of this survey prompted the College Office to work with the Dean's Advisory Board to improve the system in 2015, but three years on, student accounts suggest that advising experiences continue to vary.

The UA and SCUE want mental health to be a part of the classroom, starting with the syllabus

(10/17/17 8:58pm)

The Undergraduate Assembly is pushing for mental health resources to be listed in all undergraduate course syllabi. This comes amid growing conversations around mental health resources at Penn, where 14 students have died by suicide in the last four years. 

A controversial critic of the Black Lives Matter movement spoke at Penn amid student protests

(09/28/17 10:27pm)

Under the sweltering heat of the midday sun, Black Lives Matter protesters stood shoulder to shoulder in silent protest as Heather Mac Donald, author of the controversial book “The War On Cops,” argued just doors away that their social movement has done more to hurt their country than to help it.

Two students were elected to represent the College. Then they transferred to Wharton.

(09/27/17 10:09pm)

For the first time in Penn Student Government history, two elected student representatives tasked with representing their school have transferred to another undergraduate school, leaving vacancies that PSG has never had to address before, two members of the Class Board said.