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HOUSING GUIDE | Standing the Test of Time: Freshman halls that actually stayed close

(10/14/15 3:58am)

Experiencing New Student Orientation is like drinking from a hire hose for many freshmen, and not just because some consume more alcohol than their bodies can handle. Lonely new students form early friendships with their roommates and hall mates, and bond over shared new experiences. Many of these relationships fade — but some lucky halls stand the test of time.

The Godfather of Penn Politics

(09/21/15 5:41am)

As Penn’s fall election season came to a close on Friday, dozens of freshmen scrambled to shake hands, plaster bulletin boards with campaign posters and chalk the Quadrangle with their names. But markedly missing from the election shenanigans was the 6’3” Dominican New Yorker who dominated the campus political scene for the past four years — the godfather of Penn politics, Gabe Delaney.

Inside Penn's soaring tuition

(08/31/15 2:27am)

Students have gone to extreme measures to protest soaring tuition costs. At USC, students climbed on tables, stripped off their shirts and threw money in the air in protest at a Board of Regents meeting. At the University of Warwick, a sit-in ended in Taser threats and tear gas. And while their cries that “tuition is too damn high” have fallen on deaf ears — Penn’s tuition has risen at twice the rate of inflation in recent years — research indicates that students could be right.

Students surprised by Convocation’s focus on mental health

(08/26/15 3:38am)

Regal music accompanied thousands of Penn freshmen as they marched down Locust Walk, sober and in business casual for their first time since arriving at Penn. The excitement was palpable; but few expected convocation to pointedly address the mental health crisis that has rocked Penn’s campus since six students committed suicide within 15 months.

LPS students excluded from no-loan financial aid policy

(04/09/15 5:27am)

Hip-hop singer Casey Bridgeford was living off of food stamps in Indianapolis when he decided to go back to school 12 years ago. Three years of community college and two jobs later, he was admitted to Penn’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies. Little did he know that he would have to sell water bottles on the streets of Delaware and take out $30,000 in loans to cover his tuition bill.

Penn's wage tax contributions fly past PILOT controversy

(02/19/15 7:02am)

Student protests against the University’s PILOTs policy — or lack thereof — have brought Penn’s relationship with the City of Brotherly Love under public scrutiny. Yet, these protests themselves have garnered backlash for their failure to acknowledge Penn’s role as one of the largest tax contributors in Philadelphia.