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Isabella Glassman | Why a woman couldn’t say “Will you shut up, man”

(10/27/20 2:39am)

It’s 2016. You flip the channel to the debate, thinking that no election could be more contentious than this one. As the debate begins so do the candidates' interruptions. As Donald Trump interrupts Hillary Clinton, claiming he never called climate change a hoax or perpetrated by the Chinese, Clinton turns her head and with an exasperated look blurts out “Will you shut up, man?”

Isabella Glassman | Online learning has ended syllabus week. Get used to It

(09/08/20 12:54am)

Last fall, I spent the first week of college getting donuts with my hallmate, shopping for posters in Houston Hall, and doing the slightest bit of homework. That was expected though; it was syllabus week, a week noted for the lack of work assigned since the courses are just being introduced. A year and one pandemic later, I am at home and already feeling the mounting pressure of hundreds of pages worth of readings, looming problem sets, and even papers about a week into the semester. The pandemic has changed the way professors are pacing their course, and we permanently have to adapt to the idea that this marks the end of syllabus week.