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How Penn and Drexel diverge in response to growing demand for housing

(02/18/19 10:31am)

In September 2018, Penn announced sophomores would be required to live on campus starting in 2021. The move to expand Penn-run housing on campus was met with considerable student backlash, citing concerns that the decision would limit options and force first-generation, low-income students into more expensive on-campus living.

Penn grad students advise Philadelphia in housing Hurricane Maria refugees

(01/22/19 4:49am)

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, nearly 400,000 Puerto Rican residents evacuated the island. 5,357 evacuees arrived in Philadelphia County — more than any other metropolitan area outside of Florida, the Bronx, and Massachusetts. They slept on relatives’ couches, checked into hotels, or established permanent residences throughout Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania researchers said.