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Evan Golinsky | There is only one solution?

(11/16/23 4:17am)

Walking through my campus in mid-October, I could not believe my ears. A crowd of my Penn peers and professors, standing before a statue of Benjamin Franklin, chanted, “There is only one solution: Intifada, revolution.” The protestors argue that this statement upholds the belief that Palestinian liberation can occur only through revolution against the State of Israel’s “occupation.” During the First and Second Intifadas, Palestinian militants engaged in “a strategy of fear-inducing violence” that ultimately left thousands dead and failed to advance the cause of Palestinian liberation by any discernible means. Educated people rooting for unproductive, violent uprising is shocking in its own right. But to Jews, many of whom support a Palestinian state, this chant of a solitary solution upheld by “from the river to the sea” rhetoric eerily echoes traumatic terminology from our past. One Solution. One Final Solution.