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Editorial | Penn must recognize that a graduate student union will benefit everyone

(10/24/19 3:43am)

Graduate students make up half the student body, yet they are often ignored and their concerns are often disregarded. This was demonstrated once again this week, when Penn finally responded to graduate student complaints that have existed for at least the past year about the living conditions in Sansom Place East. Graduate students aren’t just students — they’re also workers, and they deserve a better, more direct way to complain to their employer. Graduate students need a union, and letting them organize will make Penn a stronger learning environment and home for scholarship for everyone. Penn should recognize the union voluntarily when elections are eventually held.

Editorial | Academic exploration loses out under Penn's lackluster 'One University' policy

(10/21/19 2:59am)

In the 1973 report “Institutional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania,” then-Penn President Martin Meyerson implemented the One University policy, which allows students to take courses at other schools across the University. Penn boasts to prospective and current students about the opportunity to take classes across its many schools. The One University policy, as outlined in 1973, was originally intended to provide students with the chance to be well-rounded, and not to shy away from learning outside their respective fields of study. Now, credit requirements restrict the actual ability of students to make use of this policy. Penn must embrace academic freedom and encourage students to pursue education across the University, rather than restrict the courses outside of students' respective schools that can be counted toward electives and requirements.

Editorial | It's not enough to be 'troubled.' Penn must step up to address sexual assault.

(10/17/19 4:05am)

The Association of American Universities released the results of the 2019 Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct on Tuesday. In 2019, 25.9% of female undergraduate students and 7.3% of male undergraduates reported that they experienced unwanted sexual contact since entering college at Penn, a rate that has not changed in a statistically significant way since the last time the survey was conducted in 2015.

Editorial | Penn wants more students living on campus. Lowering rent is the way to do it.

(10/14/19 1:37am)

Penn students are already exploring their residential options for the next school year. Price is a critically important factor for students in deciding where to live, including in whether or not to move off campus. Some students even cite the relatively low prices of off-campus houses and apartments as a primary reason for moving off campus. There are myriad ways for Penn to make on-campus housing an attractive option for students. The simplest and most important one is to lower on-campus housing costs.

Editorial | Let Penn students take sector courses pass/fail

(10/14/19 1:03am)

The week before fall break saw the drop period come to a close, although the option to change a graded class to pass/fail will be open until the ninth week of the semester. One thing that was surely on the minds of students debating whether to stay in their classes was the need to fulfill general education requirements in order to graduate.

Editorial | Penn's squash court fees are elitist, hurting students and the sport itself

(10/07/19 1:32am)

The newly renovated Ringe Squash Courts, set to open on Nov. 9, will now charge fees, a measure that will effectively prohibit some squash enthusiasts from making use of the new facilities. In order to continue to work towards a community that provides equal opportunities for all students and endeavors to better engage with the Philadelphia community, Penn must reverse this decision and open up the renovated squash courts without fees, as they have operated for years.

Editorial | It’s time for Penn to pay PILOTs

(10/03/19 1:06am)

Penn has been a part of the city of Philadelphia for several centuries. The University has played a fundamental role in the growth and evolution of the city, both because of the longevity of its existence and the outsize role that Penn’s money and prestige allows it to play in the community. But Penn’s actions have hurt the rest of Philadelphia, particularly through rampant gentrification. 

Editorial | Dean Furda’s viral video shows us that it’s cool to care

(09/30/19 12:05am)

Penn Dean of Admissions Eric Furda went viral for his impassioned screaming at a nationally televised Eagles game last weekend. Furda’s enthusiasm stimulated a lot of conversation on and off Penn’s campus. In addition to the mass quantity of memes circulating the internet, the video of Furda was featured on Stephen Colbert’s late-night show. But there is something beyond poking fun at Furda that we can glean from his wild zeal.

Editorial | Penn needs to enforce the ban on exams during religious holidays

(09/26/19 2:42am)

The Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are approaching, and scheduling examinations on days of religious or secular observance is explicitly prohibited by Penn policy. But that policy is not always enforced, leading some professors to schedule examinations and major assignments on days when observant students will not be present.