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Editorial | Listen to student voices. Make midterm evaluations mandatory.

(11/14/19 4:04am)

In many classes, end-of-semester course evaluations represent the only formalized avenue for students to give instructors feedback. While some professors and teaching assistants opt to solicit student feedback in the middle of the course, this is far from standard practice. To better support students and promote educational practices that work for everyone, Penn should mandate that professors and TAs be evaluated in the middle of the term as well.

Editorial | Renaming Penn Law exemplifies disregard for transparency and student voices

(11/11/19 3:37am)

Penn’s law school set a record by accepting the largest donation ever gifted to a law school, when it received $125 million from the W. P. Carey Foundation. In return, the formerly named University of Pennsylvania Law School will now be referred to as the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School – Carey Law for short – a decision that highlights another instance of Penn’s failure to be transparent with the student and faculty body. Penn should have consulted with students and stakeholders before taking this action, and must do so when making decisions in the future.

Editorial | Penn must implement safeguards against recruiting and admissions fraud

(10/28/19 3:10am)

As the Nov. 1 early decision deadline approaches, Penn's Office of Admissions is likely flooded with applications from students across the country, including many of the future stars of Penn Athletics. In response to last year’s nationwide admissions scandal and one involving fraud in Harvard University’s athletic recruiting, Harvard announced that its Athletics Department would be implementing two new policies to thwart fraud in the admissions process. Despite the revelation of a similar scandal at Penn, unlike Harvard, Penn has failed to announce any such reforms.

Editorial | Penn must recognize that a graduate student union will benefit everyone

(10/24/19 3:43am)

Graduate students make up half the student body, yet they are often ignored and their concerns are often disregarded. This was demonstrated once again this week, when Penn finally responded to graduate student complaints that have existed for at least the past year about the living conditions in Sansom Place East. Graduate students aren’t just students — they’re also workers, and they deserve a better, more direct way to complain to their employer. Graduate students need a union, and letting them organize will make Penn a stronger learning environment and home for scholarship for everyone. Penn should recognize the union voluntarily when elections are eventually held.

Editorial | Academic exploration loses out under Penn's lackluster 'One University' policy

(10/21/19 2:59am)

In the 1973 report “Institutional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania,” then-Penn President Martin Meyerson implemented the One University policy, which allows students to take courses at other schools across the University. Penn boasts to prospective and current students about the opportunity to take classes across its many schools. The One University policy, as outlined in 1973, was originally intended to provide students with the chance to be well-rounded, and not to shy away from learning outside their respective fields of study. Now, credit requirements restrict the actual ability of students to make use of this policy. Penn must embrace academic freedom and encourage students to pursue education across the University, rather than restrict the courses outside of students' respective schools that can be counted toward electives and requirements.