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Penn Futures Project appoints faculty leaders to serve children and families in Philadelphia

(09/09/18 10:18pm)

The Penn Futures Project, a collaborative effort among three Penn schools to serve the Philadelphia community, has appointed two new faculty leaders: Nutrition and Nursing professor Terri Lipman, and Child Development and Education professor Vivian Gadsden. 

Over the summer months, construction heats up on Penn's campus

(07/02/18 1:05am)

Summer is a busy time for construction at Penn, as both routine repairs and major projects get a head start while most students are off campus. This summer, construction projects include repairs to sidewalks, updates to building facades, and renovations of academic facilities. 

PennDesign, the most tuition-dependent graduate school, faces unique financial challenges

(04/13/18 1:41am)

Over the past few years, Penn's School of Design has consistently been ranked one of the University's most tuition-dependent schools, which means that tuition is its primary source of revenue. The costly space and expensive technology, in addition to the limited research funding and gifts, places PennDesign in a situation with unique challenges.

Penn’s new CIS course will teach students technical skills to combat ethical breaches

(04/04/18 1:55am)

As ethical quandaries posed by new technologies and oversights by major tech companies come to the forefront of public discourse, several universities have begun offering courses on the ethics of computer science and artificial intelligence. At Penn, computer and information science professors Ani Nenkova and Michael Kearns are hoping to continue  this trend.

Fels Institute's decision to halt admissions prompts student concern over lack of transparency

(03/30/18 12:03am)

Penn’s Fels Institute of Government announced that it will be restructuring its Master of Public Administration program and will not be accepting applicants for the 2018-2019 academic year. Students and alumni have expressed confusion about the changes, and many say that Fels has not been transparent about the restructuring process.