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Under the final GOP tax plan, Penn will pay a landmark excise tax on its endowment

(12/22/17 5:44am)

Under the Republican tax bill formally passed by Congress this week, Penn will pay a landmark 1.4 percent excise tax on its endowment, placing the University among a group of nearly 30 colleges who qualify. The tax overhaul cleared the House of Representatives on Wednesday by a 224-201 vote after close to two months of debate in both chambers of Congress. 

Why we are devoting a day of coverage to mental health

(10/30/17 3:57am)

In our three-and-a-half years working at The Daily Pennsylvanian, close to 10 students have died by suicide, a statistic as remarkable to write as it is now commonplace to hear across campus. With each email from some Penn administrator, we have grown numb to feeling pain, to mourning the death of someone close to us, to finally attaching a name to the problem of mental illness endemic to Penn. 

A Penn student group protested abortion on College Green with graphic photos of aborted fetuses

(10/23/17 7:48pm)

Quakers for Life, a Penn student group opposed to abortion, protested outside Van Pelt Library on Oct. 23, displaying nearly 20 graphic pictures of aborted fetuses. The group partnered with Created Equal, a national anti-abortion organization, for the protest, which attracted more than a few glances from students commuting on Locust Walk. 

Penn moves to standardize how undergraduate faculty are notified of student deaths

(10/09/17 8:00pm)

The University will now proactively notify faculty when an undergraduate student dies, Penn officials said Monday morning. The deans of each undergraduate school had previously been able to choose whether or not to inform their constituent faculty members, leaving swaths of faculty uninformed of student deaths. 

President Amy Gutmann remains silent on how the task force's recommendations directly combat sexual violence

(10/08/17 11:35pm)

Penn administrators have offered few details as to how the recommendations released by the University task force specifically combat sexual violence and harassment. This is in spite of a foundational goal of the task force being “to foster a campus climate and culture that is free of sexual harassment and sexual violence.” 

‘Not all cultures are created equal’ says Penn Law professor in op-ed

(08/10/17 9:15pm)

Returning to the American cultural values of the 1950s — thrift, gratitude, temperance, continence, among others — would “significantly reduce society’s pathologies,” says Penn Law School professor Amy Wax in an op-ed published Thursday on and co-written with Larry Alexander of the University of San Diego School of Law.