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Editorial | The task force recommendations leave us skeptical, but hopeful

(04/19/17 10:20pm)

Today, the Task Force on a Safe and Responsible Campus Community released a list of recommendations intended to “foster a campus climate and culture that is free of sexual harassment and sexual violence, alcohol and other substance abuse, and other forms of behavior that may violate Penn’s Code of Student Conduct.”

Editorial | We shouldn't need to say it — but free speech matters

(04/19/17 3:03am)

At Penn, it is not particularly dangerous to be a journalist. We, the staff of Penn’s student newspaper, are grateful for that. We are grateful that our opinion columnists may assume that if they air an unpopular or controversial viewpoint, they will not be physically assaulted. We are grateful that, when our reporters publish unflattering truths, they are not threatened with sanction or harm.

Editorial | What potential Quakers need to know

(04/03/17 2:03am)

Last week, more than two thousand applicants around the world received the news that they had been accepted for enrollment at the University of Pennsylvania. If you are one of the few thousand applicants that were accepted, we at The Daily Pennsylvanian congratulate you. The moment we opened our emails and heard “The Red and the Blue” was one of the most exciting of our lives, so enjoy it to the fullest.

Editorial | Penn Medicine's choice of 'ambassador' shows a lapse in judgment

(02/22/17 4:06am)

Next Tuesday, Irvine Auditorium will host a panel forum entitled “A Formidable Foe: Cancer in the 21st Century” as part of its David and Lyn Silfen University Forum series. While the forum will notably feature Penn President Amy Gutmann and former Vice President Joe Biden, one of the other panelists has stolen some of the spotlight by virtue of being embroiled in a lawsuit over discrimination against an Iraqi family.

Editorial | Don't let the message of the marches fade away

(02/03/17 12:00am)

Last month, Penn students joined millions of protesters as part of nationwide Women’s Marches, making an incredible statement against sexism. We commend the participants of these marches, but we implore students to use these protests as an opportunity to revisit issues on our own campus, to channel this level of intensity and energy into tangible fixes within our own community.

Editorial | Amy Gutmann made a brave statement last night. We commend her for it.

(01/31/17 4:23pm)

The Daily Pennsylvanian commends Penn President Amy Gutmann and the University for taking a public stand against President Donald Trump’s unreasonable, unconscionable and inhumane executive order barring nationals of seven majority-Muslim countries from entry to the United States. As Gutmann explained in her statement, the order represents a betrayal of numerous commitments and values that are fundamental to both the University of Pennsylvania and the United States.

Editorial | Penn must clarify its relationship with Trump

(01/25/17 3:25am)

In the wake of the inauguration of 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump as President of the United States, Penn faces an institutional dilemma. By becoming the alma mater of the sitting president, it has received an honor that perhaps it does not want, and perhaps is not an honor at all. How it will receive this honor or dishonor is a question that it must quickly and transparently address.

Editorial by the Daily Pennsylvanian Opinion Board | In response to university responses

(12/08/16 2:38am)

This semester has been tumultuous. Regardless of whether you personally were affected by current events — the election, Black Lives Matter, sexual assault — those around you were. In response to many of these events, the administration sent numerous emails to the student body, either in lieu of tangible action or to inform students of the actions they are taking.

Editorial | Making change in Trump's America

(11/21/16 3:16am)

To foster a culture of productive dialogue among diverse voices on this campus, we must respect all opinions and be careful not to perpetuate the hate that has unfortunately penetrated this campus and the country at large this past week. However, while those who support President-elect Donald Trump on this campus should not be shamed or name-called into silence, they must also step back and consider the implications of the rhetoric they use and the actions they take to articulate this support.

Editorial | How Penn can respond to the presidential election

(11/10/16 4:21am)

Since 7:30 last night, many Penn students, faculty, administrators and alumni were glued to their screens, the election feverishly playing in front of them. As the votes came in, many watched in dismay as Donald Trump’s chances at becoming president increased. Until last night, this outcome was unexpected. Hillary Clinton was forecasted to win — or at least to go neck-and-neck with Trump — but as of midnight, Trump had an 84 percent chance of winning according to FiveThirtyEight, and in the wee hours of the morning, the election was called.