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Meet your Spring 2013 Columnists!

(01/14/13 6:31am)

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Endorsement | Pennsylvania candidates

(11/05/12 7:25am)

Casey for Congress Incumbent Bob Casey Jr. is a seasoned legislator who has demonstrated his understanding of the economy and the environment since taking office in 2006. A moderate Democrat, Casey would further bipartisan measures. He has championed laws to better address sexual assaults on college campuses and supports the use of alternate energy. His opponent — Tea Partier Tom Smith — has no experience with national politics and holds problematic doubts about man-made global warming. Smith opposes abortion under all circumstance, including rape, and wishes to drastically cut government spending as a percentage of GDP, making Casey the clear choice.

Local Pennsylvania races

(11/05/12 6:39am)

Attorney General David Freed (Republican) Freed has served as the Cumberland County district attorney since 2006, where he has prosecuted cases involving capital murder, child and elder abuse and drugs trafficking. He ran unopposed in the primary. If elected, he has pledged to crack down on cyber crime and illegal use of synthetic drugs. He has also proposed creating a new Special Victims Unit for lawyers, investigators and police officers to work together to respond to abuse-related cases.

More on the vice presidential candidates

(11/05/12 5:44am)

Joe “Robinette” Biden • age 69 • Born Nov. 20, 1942 in Scranton, Pa. • Graduated from University of Delaware and Syracuse Law School • Elected to U.S. Senate at age 29, one of the youngest senators ever. • In 1972, lost his first wife, Neilia Hunter, and 1-year-old daughter Naomi in a car crash. He had three children with Hunter. • Was later remarried to Jill Biden, with whom he had one daughter. • Served as senator for Delaware for 36 years from 1973-2009. Was chairman or ranking member of senate judiciary committee for 17 years. • Ran for president once in 1988, again in 2007.

More on the presidential candidates

(11/05/12 5:25am)

Fun Facts Romney -Favorite TV show is Modern Family, according to an interview with ABC “Live! With Kelly and Michael” in September. In the same interview, he also expressed that he is a fan of Snooki. -If Mitt Romney wins the election, it will make him one of the three wealthiest presidents ever. -In 2003, he helped save a family of 6 and their dog when their boat sprang a leak on Lake Winnipesaukee. -Once strapped his dog to the roof of his family’s vehicle on a road trip in 1983.