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Editorial | Why Penn's new rent prices are bad

(11/03/15 6:24am)

It’s no surprise when Penn increases the cost of being a student every year. In February, the University typically announces a tuition increase, then spins it as only raising the tuition by less than 4 percent. The Trustees typically raise housing and dining prices, too, generally around when students start thinking about where they’ll be living the following year.

Editorial | Thinking through TFA

(10/22/15 3:45am)

There aren’t many surprises in Career Services’ annual compilation of Penn undergraduates’ top employers. The University itself tops the list, followed closely by the typical list of banks and consulting firms — Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, the Boston Consulting Group, etc. One employer in particular, however, stands out from the overwhelmingly corporate list: Teach For America clocks in at number four, having hired 24 people from Penn’s 2014 senior class.

Editorial | Dear College: Fix the Sector system

(10/13/15 3:57am)

It’s official: Course selection for next semester has begun. The unusual number of Penn seniors planning to take classes like “Ideas in Mathematics,” “Oceanography,” “Survey of the Universe” and “Sex and Human Nature” might be puzzling to those unfamiliar with Penn’s arcane general education system, or, as it is known officially, the “Sectors of Knowledge.” But, as many students in the College of Arts & Sciences might have found, the sector requirements seem to focus more on Sector VIII: The Navigation of Bureaucracy, rather than on actually giving students a well-rounded liberal arts education.

Editorial: Controversial? Bring it on

(09/10/15 3:52am)

The day before classes started, Provost Vincent Price sent an email to all undergraduates about the recently launched “Campaign for Community.” An ambitious project, its goal is to help the Penn community “discuss and confront issues that are often avoided because they may seem ‘controversial’ or intractable.” To that effect, Price also encouraged faculty and staff to consider serving as Open Expression Monitors — observers sent to potentially fraught events or programs to ensure that the rights of the “meeting or demonstration participants to express their opinions in non-disruptive ways” are upheld.

Editorial | Africa ? Africana

(04/27/15 3:58am)

The University should not look at the Africa Center, the only space exclusively devoted to Africa at Penn, as a space that can be shut down. Following cuts of federal funding, the University recently announced both the closure of the Africa Center and the merging of the African studies major with the Africana Studies Department, decisions that sparked anger and dissatisfaction among students. On April 13, in a protest led by African studies majors, the Penn African Students Association and Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation, students took to College Green to display their disapproval of the decision to close the center and the injustice of the conflation of Africana and African studies.