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Connor Brandon | Remove the stigma around men in nursing

(11/18/19 1:54am)

I feel privileged and honored to be studying nursing at such a highly selective school. But I’ve faced judgment ever since I committed in April. Both inside and outside of Penn, I sometimes receive a negative reaction when I tell people my major. Some people seem shocked and minorly dismayed when I tell them I’m studying nursing, and this makes me wonder where this judgment comes from. I know that this must be tied to my gender. 

Connor Brandon | First-years, it’s okay not to know what your next four years look like

(11/07/19 1:34am)

Advance registration recently opened, allowing students to start scheduling courses for the upcoming semester. This is inevitably accompanied by stress, particularly for first-year students. While everyone has to figure out their spring semester classes, many first-years also feel a pressure to plan out their next four years here at Penn. 

Connor Brandon | Let's remove the stigma surrounding HIV

(10/09/19 3:06am)

In his recently released memoir, "Over the Top: A Journey to Self-Love," Jonathan Van Ness revealed that he is HIV positive. While also being nonbinary, Van Ness is a trailblazer in the queer community. Van Ness is starting very important conversations about topics that need to be destigmatized in American society. HIV has been a problem facing the United States since the 1980’s, but many people are still uncomfortable discussing the disease.