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Guest Column by Daniel Khashabi | Thanks to politics, I am mourning at graduation

(05/16/19 4:00pm)

Once the biggest international student body in the United States, a myriad of political events has transformed every single angle of the Iranian immigrant experience. With the turmoil of Iranian revolution, followed by war and oppression in the Middle East, different waves of Iranian immigrants have come here to find a safe haven in the United States. They are right here at Penn — possibly your neighbor, friend, or teacher — and have been contributing as historians, doctors, architects, chemists, and engineers. However, like any other immigrant experience, it is paved with different forms of xenophobia, racism, and religious hatred. In order to understand how and why we got here, one has to put the historical context of the past few decades into perspective, and use this understanding in order to shape a better future. 

Guest Column by Daniel Song | Show exchange students some love

(05/12/19 4:01pm)

How time flies. It felt like it was going to go on forever, but after 14 long weeks of classes plus draining finals, my exchange semester is, alas, coming to an end. Now, with just one last exam in the way of my swan-song walk down Locust, I’m a mixed bag of feelings, with happiness and regret competing for attention in my heart.

HALFTIME: Penn women's lacrosse tied with Georgetown in first round of NCAA Tournament

(05/10/19 9:12pm)

Penn women’s lacrosse met Georgetown in Syracuse, N.Y., for a Friday afternoon matchup in the first round of the NCAA Division I Women’s Lacrosse Tournament. The two teams met earlier this season in March, when the Quakers eked out an 8-7 victory against the visiting Hoyas at Franklin Field.

Guest Column by Andrea Goulet | Why the Penn Book Center is our Notre-Dame

(05/11/19 4:04pm)

When the spire of Notre-Dame Cathedral caught fire last month, Le Monde and other news outlets were quick to quote a passage from Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel, Notre-Dame de Paris (known to Disney fans as The Hunchback of Notre Dame). The French novelist’s lines seemed prescient, even prophetic: “All eyes were raised to the top of the tower. What they saw was extraordinary. On the top of the highest gallery, higher than the central rose-window, rose a great flame between the two bell towers with swirls of sparks, a great, ragged, furious flame, from which at times the wind would snatch a strip into the smoke.” 

Senior Column by Sabrina Qiao | The “ What if” conundrum: leaving that mentality behind at graduation

(05/10/19 1:57am)

I came to Penn on the heels of a remission that I spent my remaining time here speculating about: Would I get sick again? How long did I have before another medical calamity hit? And my father — would he get better? Being a patient and being the daughter of a patient has been as much a part of my college experience as writing has.

Senior Column by Cole Jacobson | Learn to embrace the tough times

(05/10/19 10:12pm)

I know what you’re thinking; there’s no way this column is about something besides sports. To be honest, I was pretty close to using this space for my own take on the “college athletes being paid” debate, but there have been enough Daily Pennsylvanian columnists to weigh in on that over the past few months. As the time until Commencement ticks down, it’s more appropriate to reflect on what Penn has taught me, both on — and yes, even off — the field.

Senior Column by Ananya Chandra | Embracing the awkwardness

(05/12/19 4:20pm)

I can’t remember my first day of college classes. Not really anyways. Awkwardly knocking on doors in my freshman hall with my roommate? Taking a first day of school picture with the people on my floor? Uncomfortable encounters in the freshman hall bathroom? Sure. But my first day of classes? First thing I learned? First homework assignment that I (probably over-enthusiastically) completed? Honestly, I can’t remember a thing. There are images, snapshots, in my mind of what happened during that first week. But not much more than that. Maybe this is because my mind works like a camera — in a series of snapshots that are pieced together into a story later on. But it is also an indication of how college as a whole has been.

Senior Column by Alessandro Consuelos | On Class clownism

(05/12/19 4:17pm)

I was the class clown of 4015 Walnut Street. While my dear friends at the offices of The Daily Pennsylvanian Inc. were doing real jobs, I walked around the newsroom cracking jokes. My job as editor-in-chief of Under the Button was to be funny (and perhaps achieve our business and editorial objectives), but I don’t view my time at UTB as a vanity project. Beyond scoring a few laughs and filling a few backpacks with chili, UTB became an outlet to explore the more subtle virtues of being a class clown.