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Emilia Onuonga | Lynching still exists

(5 hours ago)

Racism remains a key component of America’s identity. The recent deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd highlight how Black Americans are not only dying from COVID-19, but racism. It fertilizes America’s soil, fuels the mass incarceration system, widens the wage gap, and kills our people. When I learned about racist-fueled murders, I am reminded that the noose is now the gun. Lynching never went away.

Senior Column by Manlu Liu | Be kind to student journalists

(9 hours ago)

When I first joined The Daily Pennsylvanian in the fall of my first year, I despised speaking on the phone. I learned English as a second language in elementary school and retained a deep fear of being misunderstood. In middle school, I placed calls to a local high school assistant principal to fundraise for a club. The principal never called me back. He eventually told my club leader that he couldn’t understand me in the voicemail. After the incident, I begged my parents to make all doctor and dentist appointments for me. I stopped calling anyone important.

Penn Dems, Penn Student Power join coalition demanding U. pay PILOTS to fund local schools

(05/27/20 5:37am)

Penn Democrats and Penn Student Power joined a coalition with other Philadelphia-based organizers urging the University and other large non-profit organizations to pay Payments in Lieu of Taxes, or pay an amount of money to a state or local governments in place of taxes, which are most commonly property taxes.