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Editorial | Penn professors, make syllabi accessible before classes start

(08/22/19 9:47pm)

Many Penn professors hit the ground running when students return to campus for the new semester with rigorous homework assignments and in-class activities. While it’s reasonable to expect students and professors to try and make the most of the time they have for classes, if Penn wants to give students a serious chance to be prepared to hit the ground running, syllabi must be accessible prior to the start of classes. 

Guest Column by Jaden Baum | In defense of writing seminar

(08/22/19 9:49pm)

As a writing tutor, I often get to listen to students talk about their opinions on Penn’s writing seminar during my sessions with them. When I read Ilyse Reisman's article entitled “The Critical Writing Seminar needs to be looked at under critical review,” I was interested in the author's ideas for reforming the syllabus. However, the article painted a misleading and surface-level picture of Penn’s writing seminar, using data that is 10 years old. 

Sophia DuRose | Your parents’ politics don’t have to be yours

(08/22/19 8:52pm)

“They let Penn students have tattoos?” My grandfather asked incredulously upon seeing a third tattoo bloom on my arm. Unlike him, I don't believe that tattoos indicate diminished intelligence, but that’s just one of the many things we don’t see eye to eye on. My father’s T-shirt, emblazoned with the words “Second Amendment Established 1791,” passed my grandfather’s standards however, earning a sneer from me.

Letter from the President | Class of 2023, don't let fear get in your way

(08/20/19 10:12pm)

Advice is like an armpit: Everyone has one, and most of the time it stinks. As you begin your time at Penn, you'll certainly be bombarded with unsolicited advice from upperclassmen, professors, and other people who most likely have no clue what they’re talking about. So, here’s some from me, a slightly jaded Penn senior who gets to write a letter in the newspaper. 

Fresh Grocer reopens Tuesday after failing health inspection one day earlier

(08/20/19 7:28pm)

The Fresh Grocer partially reopened Tuesday following an inspection from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health that shut down the supermarket temporarily Monday after finding several instances of health violations including “heavy accumulation of mice feces” and “foodborne illness risk factors.” 

Five Penn Athletics events to look forward to this school year

(08/20/19 10:06pm)

There are plenty of big moments in Penn Athletics history, from the undefeated football team of 1897 to the upset of No. 17 Villanova at the Palestra a year ago. This year brings a fresh slate of big games to Penn's campus — here are five dates Penn sports fans should circle on their calendars this academic year. 

Editorial | New students, you're about to get a lot of unsolicited advice. Don't listen.

(08/21/19 2:22am)

Somewhere in between when you received your acceptance letter and the trek to campus for move-in, you probably cultivated high expectations for your first year at Penn. You might have fantasized about newly-gained freedom, attending parties, making friends from your hall, getting dressed up in Penn gear for the homecoming game, and joining clubs. But freshman year is just as hard as it is exciting, and there are plenty of upperclassmen and professors that will give you unsolicited advice about how to make the most of your time here. 

Guest column by Jacob Cohen | Penn men's basketball should have more home games

(08/20/19 4:49pm)

My first Penn men’s basketball game was in 2005, when the Quakers played Boston College in the first round of the NCAA Tournament in my hometown of Cleveland. I attended with my mom, a 1986 College graduate, and my grandfather, a 1955 Wharton graduate. Throughout the game, they told me magical stories about watching the Quakers play at the Palestra. I was hooked: a Penn basketball fan for life. 

James Morrison | Don’t leave your high school friends behind in college

(08/21/19 12:11am)

When I was first thrown into life as a freshman at Penn last year, I was struck with a nauseating mix of euphoria and anxiety. During New Student Orientation, it was easy to get swept up in a flood of new faces, names, and prospective majors as everyone scrambled to lock down friends, clubs, and classes. The experience is utterly overwhelming. What makes it even harder is how difficult it is to open up to new people. Enter: My friends from high school.