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James Morrison | Joe Biden needs to earn his salary

(07/17/19 1:55pm)

Joe Biden recently released his tax returns as part of his bid to win the Democratic nomination. As the DP reported last week, according to those tax returns, Biden’s salary as the Professor of Presidential Practice at Penn was $371,159 in 2017 and $405,368 in 2018. Compare that to the $225,000 salary he earned while he served as Vice President of the United States, and to the $213,613 salary earned by the average Penn professor. These numbers paint a clear picture: Joe Biden is paid an egregious amount of money for the limited amount of work that he does on this campus.

Alex Silberzweig | Penn students would benefit from reading for fun

(07/16/19 3:12pm)

When was the last time you sat down to read a book between early May and late August? When was the last time you read for fun — at all? During the academic year, we are often preoccupied with our academic responsibilities and extracurricular activities, and when we find outlets for ways to decompress after a long week of work, the entertainment we seek oftentimes comes in the form of Netflix or scrolling through our social media feeds. These are pretty conventional go-to’s. But what if you were to read a book instead? 

Photo Gallery | Philadelphia Sparkles for the Nation's 243rd Independence Day

(07/09/19 6:24am)

Philadelphia sparked with patriotism in celebration of liberty, independence, and community as the birthplace of America. Week-long festivities sponsored by the Wawa Welcome to America Festival featured free concerts from singers Jennifer Hudson and Meghan Trainor, free food and games, as well as dazzling fireworks to end the night.